Monday, July 26, 2010

My Poopy Girl

Today EJ and Lydia were wound up from McDonalds and I knew a nap wouldn't happen. They were put in Lydia's room for quiet time. They were quiet. When the dolphin light came on EJ came running that Lydia had poop on her hands. Great, I thought she pooped in her undies and she was messing with it. Oh no. It was far worse than that. She had emptied the diaper pail--the one that gets emptied every Tuesday for trash day--of the full weeks diapers. Now Lydia has this horrible habit of pooping in her diaper first thing in the morning so there were at least 6 poopy diapers in there. EVERY SINGLE poopy diaper had been opened and used by Lydia to smear on EVERY surface in her room. Sheets, pillows, loveys, dresser drawers, rocking chair, herself, the bed rail and the carpet. Elijah didn't have a lick on him which leads me to believe he was the encourager. He knows it was wrong. She should have known since she's been corrected for smearing the contents of a diaper in her bed before.

Let me just say that I think her room is going to smeel like a public toilet for a long while. I scrubbed, I used elbow grease up the wazoo but with EJ's sensitivities we can't use air freshers and I don't want to risk the strong odor of carpet cleaner. I used some vinegar but it is still awful.

If you are supposed to come on Saturday for EJ's party bring some vicks to smear under your nose or something. Poop+100 degree weather+no commercial cleaners equals a NASTY house smell.

I was amazed at the calmness I was given. God calmed me down and kept me from going bonkers on the kiddos. I calmly cleaned Lydia up, stripped them both and put them downstairs. I stripped the bed and started the laundry. I cleaned up all the other surfaces the best I could with hot water and vinegar and rags. Thank the Lord the baby decided to take a long nap. I went down and clothed the naked kids then disciplined them calmly. We all prayed together.

I am praying that NEVER happens again.

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