Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Glad . . .

I am so glad today was the last day of swim lessons. EJ has made great progress (though he only went in the deep for ONE day of lessons so I am really disappointed in that). He can now float on his back unassisted, he can swim across the whole of the shallow end unassisted and he is a pro on a noodle. The beach ought to be a blast this year with him. I am glad that he made progress because the YMCA pool chemicals have affected him the same way food dyes seem to. He is a MONSTER. I have bite marks on my back where he has bitten me and I have countless bruises on my arms from his outbursts and tantrums. He has been defiant and throwing tantrums and beating up on me and his sissies. He has had more discipline these past two weeks than in the past two months preceeding lessons. He has not ben sleeping soundly and has been generally irratable. The pool we normally go to doesn't seem to bother him in this way thank goodness. I debated even keeping him in lessons but he is so strong willed and has such a desire to obey OTHERS that he made more progess in two weeks than he would have in the whole summer with me. That and I cannot teach him while I have the girls--not enough mommy to go around.

So--one or two days of detox and I will have my little boy back :) I can't wait !

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