Thursday, July 08, 2010

We have a talker!

Bethany started saying "Mama" today--not sure if she knows its me but she kept yelling it when she saw me today. She picked it up on the way to the spray park. She was back there babbling and "mama" came out. The older kids started yelling that she was talking and kept saying mama again and again to her. She loved the attention it got and started saying just "mama" again and again. It was cute but I was really ready to get teh spray park after hearing:

"Bethany--MAMA--MAMA-sayit MAMA MAMA"
And Bethany: "mamamamamamamamamama"
"Mom Her's talking--her's says mama now!"

On constant repeat for 20 minutes.

She has been saying "Bor!" (More) when I am feeding her for about a week now. Little Chow hound!

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