Monday, August 30, 2010


I am embarking on a new adventure. Home sales.

I have decided to become an Arbonne consultant and try my hand at the home party business. Why? Here's my list of 8 reasons for right now. They may change later on.

1) Well, financially it would be nice to not be in such a tight spot. It would be great to be able to go out to eat when I have a horrible day with the children and not worry about blowing our budget. It would be wonderful to not already be thinking about what I might have to spend on back to school stuff for NEXT year when EJ will go to kindergarten. It would be great to actually start a college fund for the children. Our subaru is 10 years old and the kids are packed in the back like sardines. If the car dies this job would mean that we could afford a car payment . . . er VAN payment :)

2) We could get a third compassion child. We have had the same two kids for years--since before we got marrited. I would love to add a third child now that we have three of our own.

2) These products are awesome. No dyes. No artificial fragrances. No petroleum. No mineral oil. Safe for Elijah and Lydia.

3) The baby stuff is cloth diaper friendly.

4) The ezcema lotion has been wonderful for Lydia's skin. So the products actually work.

5) There is no one that we know of selling the produts in our area so I don't feel like I am "stealing" anyones clients away.

6) I love having my feet scrubbed and rubbed and these parties are pamper-rrific and let me share foot scrubs to other tired women.

7) I LOVE LOVE LOVE public speaking and am excited to get to talk to adults again.

8) I will actually have something to talk about besides my kids and their latest accomplishments.

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