Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Happy 7 Months Bethany

Bethy and Lyddie in Matchy dresses (week #2) for church. These are pillowcase dresses. Cute enough but they looked like they were ready for a toga party. Don't think Iwill make them again.
  • Bethany is 7 months old today.
  • She is the proud owner of two little chompers--the bottom two
  • She likes to use her little chompers on me and any food you put in front of her and her siblings fingers
  • Bethany is a great eater--she doesn't much care for a sippy cup--she likes to drink from a glass. She loves to pick up cheerios, bananas, pears, peaches, puffs, toast and pancakes. She almost always has something of what we are having for dinner. I usually make her baby food but she does like the fruit purees like apples and prunes.
  • We had a great sleeping routine until these teeth started coming in. For the past week she's been up anywhere from 4 to 16 times a night. It is killing me. Before teeth she was down to getting up once or twice. I am hoping to go back to that soon.
  • She likes her paci but will settle for the two fingers in the middle of her right hand if she can't find that.
  • She is crawling about 3 crawls at a time but she can scoot, roll and wiggle across an entire room in no time.
  • She is pulling up to stand on a regular basis.
  • She LOVES to swing like Lydia and Elijah and actually giggles and belly laughs when she is going high.
  • She is the easist baby of all of our three--she will play contentedly on the floor with toys for 15 or 20 minutes. If her brother and sissy are playing with her it can wasily stretch to 30 or 40 minutes without needing me for anything.
  • She is a nip-a-holic. She loves mama milk and signs milk and says "mama" when she wants it. Nursing her is not easy or relaxing though. She pops on and of trying to see what going on all around. No watching TV, reading a book or anything while nursing. Sometimes I have to turn on a program for the older two and go to the bedroom and lay down with her to get her to nurse well, otherwise she'll suck a bit, get a letdown, spray us with milk and want to get down and then nurse again 15 minutes later. She is our most distractable baby.
  • She prefers cloth diapers to disposables.
  • She loves to go in the sling but she is now a big fan of riding in the shopping cart. She thinks it is so funny to get to sit in the airplane with Lydia at Harris Teeter or to ride facing mommy at the grocery. Her absolute favorite though is Walmart with her brother and sissy in the two seater thing behind the cart and her in the regular cart. She can see all three of us and the older two mess with her constantly.
  • She is on the verge of being able to say "lige" (for Elijah) consistantly. A lot of times it comes out "la la" but when she gets "lige" out she is so proud.
  • She can pop her lips and blow good raspberries.

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paula said...

they look adorable. i am trying my hand at sewing this year. all christmas gifts will be made with my own little hands and of course a lot of help from the sewing machine. you and your mom have the nack.