Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Elijah

Super-lijah himself--shoting his web

The big event was a "web-fight" complete with shootable webs (silly string). All but one little boy thought this was a blast. I love this shot as you can 1) see me! I am in the shot 2) See the cute capes the little boys wore and 3) see how they all ganged up on me.

We put spiderwebs on the bushes and his little spiderman was shooting the house. He was holding onto the bush. I wrote KaPow and Wham and other things in big letters on the sidewalk with chalk. Channeling inspiration from the old school Batman episodes.

The cake--my first adventure into chocolate sculpture. It didn't fall down and you could tell what it was supposed to be so I am happy. I know it is crazy out of proportion but I liked it that way and planned it that way--it isn't a mistake.

Can't believe my little boy will be four years old on Friday. We had his party on Saturday because my parents and a few of his little buddies were going to be out of town this weekend. It was fun. We had a superhero party--non descript superhero. I made a spiderman cake, made all of the kids their own capes and just decorated with some streamers. Pretty low key. EJ had four little buddies over and then we had the family come over after they left. That worked very well. EJ was READY for his buddies to go after an hour. He is social but he'd had enough--I think he was just really overwhelmed. He ended up laying on the chair with a blanket over his head.
We didn't do presents at the party because I knew EJ would want to do his new Tag books or not share his new toys. I didn't want the drama.
We did presents and pizza with family and the kids took great naps. It was fun.

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paula said...

awesome cake. you go "martha"