Thursday, August 26, 2010

Karate Kid and Sleepless Nights

Yesterday in the playroom we had a fly. It was annoying. It was flying all over and the kids started yelling at it. I told them to stop then looked at Elijah and told him to catch it and we'd put it outside. He said OK then just reached out and grabbed it midair. I couldn't believe he'd caught it but he did. First try. Reminded me of chopsticks and the Karate Kid. Anyway, I opened the window and he threw it outside . . . right into a spider web. He is pretty sure the spider is going to put in a good word for him with Spiderman since he delivered lunch.

Bethany has an ear infection so if you see me out and about in a haze of semi-conciousness you'll know why. I honestly don't know how people survived pre-tylenol. Her fever was 101 yesterday and she was pretty miserable. After a horrible two nights her fever is down to only 99 this morning. I haven't taken her to the doctor yet . . .I am going to wait and see if she improves more by tomorrow. If she's still miserable we'll head out to the doctor but I wanted to give her body a chance to fight it off before I resorted to antibiotics. Our 72 hour rule has served us well in avoiding antibiotics. We've only had EJ on them twice and he's 4. Lydia has had 3 or 4 rounds because of pnumonia and related respiratory stuff. Still--way less than most US kids I think.

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