Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Lydia has said some cute ones lately:

"feet-pea" (sweet pea) is her new pet name for Bethany.

When she's talking to "lige" she often calls him "feet-heart"

Her pet dogs name is Buster but it sounds like she says "butt-dirt" to me and "bastard" to Justin.

Today she used the phrase "I reckon . . . "

She loves it when it gets cold out and we go to the YMCA and there is "dendensation" (condensation) on the windows she can draw in.

"A not scare me . . . nope!" when she hears thunder or a plane flying--those noises used to terrify her.

"A go outside--its not raining." Is a phrase I hear often. No its not raining but it is 100+ degrees and I am not going out and sweating while you enjoy the breeze from the swing.

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