Monday, August 09, 2010

Not My Froggy Feet

Let's see . . . This week I most certainly did not allow my two year old to wear froggy boots to church. I also wasn't completely relieved when she decided to wear her normal shoes when we got to the parking lot. Nope--I was kinda hoping to have to explain that one to all the people at church. I also wasn't just slightly proud of myself when I actually remembered to put her church shoes in the trunk before we left.

This week I didn't forget my purse and go grocery shopping only to have to leave my cart at the store because I had no way to pay for my stuff. I also didn't just tell the cashier that I wouldn't be coming back because I was too tired to drive home and get my purse and then come back. Nope, not me!

This week I most certainly didn't rejoice at my youngest finally being able to crawl EVERYWHERE. I am one of those sentimental types that hates to see new milestones reached--NOT! I also don't laugh and say "BONK!" every time she falls from pulling up to stand. Not me--I am one of those helicopter mom's that buys the pads for every piece of furniture so their kid doesn't get a head injury.

I also didn't pretend I was a troll and charge clothing for my "troll toll" as the children ran around after dinner. I never let my children strip after dinner and run out their energy before bathtime completely naked. I also didn't catch myself yelling at my son to "quit rubbing your scrotum on the couch!" after he had paid his tolls.

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Ray said...

lol!Great post! :)

Mommy2Four said...

LOL..... I've never had to yell at mine for rubbing their scrotum on the couch, but I did have to ask him to please take the transformer out of his underwear :)