Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pukation 2010

We are back from a glorious vomit-filled week at the beach. We left out last Friday and about 2 hours before we left Elijah threw up. I chalked it up to a greasy lunch at Dicks with onion rings, eggs and bacon. He had no fever, was playing and acting normal and out of the blue just puked. He said he felt fine and he was super excited to go. Daddy got home and EJ was upstairs helping him pack and he threw up again. We decided to go ahead and go and grab some food on the way. We thankfully had the foresight to bring the "barf bucket" in the car because about 2 minutes down the road he threw up again. We decided to keep on going and fed Lydia snacks in the car. We ended up stopping before we left town, in Snow Hill and in Kinston to empty the bucket. After Kinston I decided that we were just GOING. No pee stops nothing. The baby was screaming, it was already 8pm and we were only 1/2 way there. Justin ended up holding an ever-filling bucket on his lap. Elijah felt great but about every 30 minutes he would yell "I need the bucket" and he would get sick. We made it to the beach about 9:45pm and no one slept in the car. I quickly nursed Bethany and laid her down to rest and the kids ran around the condo like crazy for a while. Justin and Granny got them to bed, we had a bowl of cereal and all went to bed.

Elijah vomited himself awake a few times and about 2am Lydia started joining in on the fun. Can I just say how greatful I am for Granny and for a condo with a washer and dryer. Both kids were done and hungry for breakfast by 6am. I couldn't believe how wonderful they were acting and how chipper they felt. They did take 4 hour naps on Saturday though. Over the course of the day I started feeling pretty crummy and running a fever. By that evening I had joined in the stomach wrenching fun. Mine lasted longer and I felt horrible until Monday morning. Thankfully I was nursing Bethany and she avoided getting anything. Praise God for Breastmilk antibodies!! Shortly after my recovery Granny got the bug and she stayed at the beach house on the sound to try and keep from re-infecting the clan. She was miserable for about 36 hours. Shortly after her recovery Justin came down with the bug and he was banished to the beach house. He was done in about 12 hours. So we survived our first ever stomach bug. Friday was our last day of vacation and no one threw up!

Other than the throwing up we had a great time. We ended up beaching it and pooling it and having a blast. Lydia started willingly going under the water. Elijah grew gills I think--he is part fish. He was thrilled to swim under the water, jump in the water and anything else involving water. We discovered the Mickey Mouse shaped pool was the kids' favorite but we frequented the indoor pool when we wanted to avoid the strong sun. Granny took the kids on the beach to watch the sun rise several mornings. Daddy and I prefered the afternoon jaunts to the beach with the rinse in the pool, picnic poolside and straight to bed after a nutty buddy on the porch. The kids just loved it.

Despite being in the same room and staying up very late almost every night, the kids did great. Lydia had a bad case of the whinies most days by naptime but they both napped well almost every day. It is good they were so busy and so tired because they were sharing a room in the condo. Bethany did pretty well and slept about as well as she was at home. She cut another tooth at the beach so she was pretty fussy from that.

We did end up eating out lunch one day at Cox so EJ got his rutabega fix. I am sad to say I went the entire week without eating a single shrimp. I did have some kick butt fried fish though.

Justin and I had the great idea to take the kids to Fort Macon to climb the rocks and explore on Friday. It was all going well until the overly tired children had to walk to the rocks and then Elijah cut his foot on a shell. He completely freaked out when he saw the blood and refused to walk for about 20 minutes. The cut was a tiny little scrape. When he finally calmed down enough to listen to us I gave him a big sip of "boo-boo" soda (caffiene free coke) and he was able to hobble back to the car. There he saw the cannons on the fort so we hesitantly agreed to let him go and see them. We went to the fort the summer before Elijah and I vowed I wouldn't return with my child until they were at least 10 years old. Something about a 20 ft. drop onto brick caused me a lot of anxiety. The kids loved the fort. The rooms with the barracks, the tunnels, the steep stairs, the tunnels. We let them lead the way, forced them to be carried up the stairs and hold hands 100% of the time and they had a blast. Who knew??

After a much less eventful trip home the kids slept great in their beds and got to go to their new sunday school rooms today. It was nice. I am so glad to be home and that we have a nice clean home to come home to.

We'll never forget the great pukation of 2010.

I'll post pics in another post.

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