Thursday, August 05, 2010

What's that smell?

Today after bible school the kids were having a picnic lunch and I was feeding the baby in the dining room. After I got her cleaned up we joined the older two and I overheard Lyddie and EJ having this conversation:

L What that smell, lije?
E: Ohh--it is stinky
L: Poppy diaper? Bethy you poopy?
E: No! That's my feet. Lydia check this out (shoves foot in her face) this is so stinky.
L: Ewwwww-tinky pinkies!
Both: Mommy--smell this!
Me: No thank you, I can smell them from here. EJ we're going to have to wipe those things off or something.

We wiped them with a wipe and most of the funk came off but he told me at naptime . . .

"I think we had better wash these feet better because they stick so much I can't stand myself and I'll never fall asleep for days and days if I have to smell that."

They truly were horribly stinky. I guess 3+ hours of playing in shoes with no socks makes for a horrible foot smell on an almost 4 year old boy.

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