Thursday, August 12, 2010

You know you're a mom . . .

When . . .

you sing the Popeye the Sailor man song at dinner to convince your kids that spinach is yummy and feign excitement over their growing muscles when they actually eat it.

You sound like you have tourette's when someone calls you on the phone:
"Hey Janie ELIJAH GET YOU HAND OUT OF YOUR SISTERS PANTIES how are you doing today? Nah . . .nothing much going on here STOP ATTACKING THE BABYWITH YOUR TOY DINOSAURS same old same old. Sure I'd love to set up a playdate GET OFF OF THERE YOURE GONNA BREAK YOUR NECK anytime is good for us . . . "

You can cook dinner wearing a baby on your back with a toddler wrapped around your knees.

You can, while nursing a baby:
  • wipe a tushie (or two)
  • get a toddler dressed
  • get someones shoes on or off
  • fix a snack or lunch
  • sleep

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