Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beachin' it

Had a great weekend at the beach with the kiddos. We went down Friday and came back yesterday. It was great to get to see my aunt and cousin (whom I haven't seen in 2 years). The kids had fun. Sunday we went to the beach and almost got eaten alive by the biting flies. The kids got to see some starfish that had washed up and another kid found. They were orange and purple . . .pretty cool. We found a dolphin vertebrae in the surf too. The waves were kickin and there were lots of surfers.
We went for Fort Macon park to go in the water and it was great. The entire parking lot had flooded to about knee deep due to Saturday nights 5+ inches of rain. coming back from the beach we bypasses the freezing cold showers and let the kids rinse in the parking lot puddles. It was like the world's biggest baby pool and they loved it. We stayed there 45 minutes walking and splashing around. I decided rain puddles were clean enough and we brought the kids home and put them to bed. We're going on the "hygene princlple" here--having dirt and germs on you keeps your defenses up. That's how I justify tucking filthy children into bed at night :)
We stayed up too late talking and Lydia kept coming downstairs. She finally fell asleep after 9pm so she was just plain grouchy on Monday. We made it back without incident but found out that last night my parents hit a deer coming home from the beach. Boo! At least they are alright, although we can't say the same for the "big red truck" as the kids call it.
Pics to follow as soon as I have time and can find the camera and my cord.

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