Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy 8 Months!

Bethany is 8 months old today.
Wow! Time flies. She is not a baby anymore.
  • She is a crawler--fast. She can do what we call "all-terrain baby" and crawl over just about any obstacle the house has to offer . . . toys, couch cusions, brother, sister, stairs!
  • She crawled up the whole flight of stairs today for the first time.
  • She loves her mama milk and still nurses at least 5 or 6 times during the day and twice at night.
  • She is no where close to sleeping through the night and now, instead of crying, she'll pull up to stand and throw paci's at me and say "mama" to get me to get her.
  • Some days she eats a ton, other days she wants nothing to do with food and just nurses. I kinda let her do what she wants with food.
  • She hates a cup and won't drink anything but mommy milk--no juice, nada.
  • She loves cheese, avocados, apple oatmeal, tomatoes, any fruit we give her . . . just about anything.
  • Loud is good--she loves to play with xyligator, bang the piano and shake morracas.
  • She will pull to stand and can stand unassisted for a few seconds. She cruises around while holding on pretty well. When you hold her hands she'll sometimes walk but most of the time she'll start jumping up and down.
  • She signs finished a lot. If she doesn't want you holding her or she's done whell sign it. It is cute--arms both just flapping away.
  • She'll sign more and finished and wave "hi"--a fist up in the air like a salute. She also says and waves bye bye.
  • She will copy you saying oooooo and ahhhhh and buh buh buh.
  • She is loved.

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