Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kiddies, Adas and Cinderella

Yesterday we visited uncle Cody for the first time in ages. Lydia and Elijah had fun with thier furry cousins and Bethany learned to say "kiddie" and she crawled after that poor cat and said it over and over again. Later, we headed out to feed ducks where Bethany started saying "a-da qua qua qua" (A duck . . . quack quack quack). It was a talking day for that girl. We walked over to a playground and Lydia scaled the rock wall like a pro. Elijah couldn't do it but she just climbed right up. That girl is 1/2 monkey.

Today nana and papa are out taking the kids to the air show. Justin and I were planning on doing it like last year but last night they called ans asked if they could take them. I asked Lydia if she wanted Nana to take her and she said:
Lydia: "No . . I rather Cinderella take me a Air Show."
Me: "Cinderella? "
Lydia: "Yeah--her a princess mommy. She my favorite!"
Me: "Well, Cinderella isn't a choice. Its me and daddy, or nana and papa."
Lydia: "Nana can wear a crown and a wand--a costume. She a Cinderella costume and take me."

Nana took her, but she didn't wear a costume.

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