Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sopping Soaking

So our activity during the rain was making energy bars. Energy bars?? What was I thinking. Yeah--let's feed the kids sugary energy bars packed with protien then coop them up in the house for the first rainy day in forever? Not a good plan. Before I knew it the older two had run out the door in the downpour to puddle jump. They were literally soaked to the skin. Bethy got a lesson from big brother about splashing
Double teaming her

Happy baby!

She was soaked through too--she loved it--splashing with her hands. Then she lost her balance and fell backwards in a puddle. The icy cold water down her back ended her fun and we bailed on the puddles.

The proud little stander--she will stand on her own for a second or two but I wouldn't let her on the driveway.

Wild girl

After lunch and naps the kids wanted to play on the screen porch while I cleaned up the kitchen and started dinner. I looked out the window and they were in the back yard playing on the slide. They got so wet and cold! We took some energy bars to our neighbor and the kids played for an hour in the rain. I had to bring them in, put them in the warm shower and dress them in flannel pjs. They sipped warm cider with whipped cream to warm up and ended up eating yogurt for supper since I had been out playing with them and hadn't cooked dinner. Fun day :)

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