Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up . . .

wow--there is a lot that goes into starting these parties. Between mailing the invites, practicing my presentation, figuring out how to do it all . . . I haven't had time to do much like blog. We've been hving fun around here. Bethany is finally starting to sleep a bit better since we started zipping her in a sleep sack and she can't stand up. Its nice not to have to sleep on the couch.

We got the winter stuff out of the attic and found one of EJ's old shirts I'd put in the box for Lydia. She loved it and I laughed because she actually answered to "Trouble" most of the day.
We went to the park to feed ducks again and had a lot of fun playing. We're working on the "hygene" principle here. Dirty feet are good. She also at some pine straw and Elijah said: "Her's eating pine straw. That's good fiber right mommy?" Can you tell I am slack about the eating dirt around here?
The kids were very impressed that mommy could climb the "spider web" as they called it.

Lyddie has incredible balance--I think she is a better climber than her brother is.

There are some georgous oak trees around the park. I couldn't resist taking some "9 month" shots of Bethany even if I didn't like the outfit very much.

Snuggling in the chair. Naps aren't happening on preschool days but they still need to rest. I let them watch a program and rest togther in the lazy boy. Cute stuff.

And because I am a super dork I made them shirts--they say "I'm Mommy's Cardio" Its so true :)

All three!

I dressed the girls in their plaid dresses. Everyone commented on how adorable they were. I have to say I think they were beyond cute but I am a bit biased. They reminded me of little Victorian dolls because the dresses were so full and long. Absolutely precious.

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It's the SMALL things said...

They are very cute!!!
The shirts are adorable and they surely tell the truth don't they?