Monday, October 04, 2010


We decorated for Halloween today and Elijah was very excited to put up the Giant bat in the front yard. It uses trash bags and balloons and lots of twisty ties. I was reading how to do it and Elijah asked for the "constructions" so he could build it. (He was so excited that he declared himself allergic to clothes, ran outside naked and danced around underneath the bat).

We hung little glow in the dark skeletons on the bushes and hung our GIGANTIC spider on the porch. Very spooky. We've got some window clings to put up this afternoon. It is so fun decorating now as I look back and remember how much fun we had growing up. I remember our halloween tree and the pinatas that hung in the doorways that me and my dad always hit out heads on.

We let the kids put our lighted jack-o-lanterns in their rooms for thier nightlights. They love it! It is so special. I still remember the glow of my little personal Christmas tree in my room growing up. I also had a Santa in a chimney. We had a bat night light in our bathroom always. It is so fun remembering all the stuff my mom and dad used to do. Its funny because the things I remember most aren't the big presents at Christmas but the little rituals we did every year. I hope my kids have good memeories like I do.

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