Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Kickin'

The computer we had experienced Blue Screen of Death so we've been on a bit of a computer fast lately.
We now have a brand new desktop and it is set up and working!
Loving it!
Hope to get online and post some pics before the kids and I go to the beach but I make no promises. I've got 3 parties to close out with Arbonne and their system didn't seem to agree with our computer. I have high hopes that now it will be easy to enter the parties now that we've got this baby!
Been hanging out with a teething baby and two somewhat snotty older kids. The change in weather has their noses stuffed up. We made pumpkin bread, jumped in leaves and delivered pumpkin bread to our various neighbors and grandmama yesterday. Its been fun. I love Fall and being able to hang out outside and go to the park and not melt.
Finally finished all three costumes. That's good because I was NOT going to take my sewing machine to the beach to finish up the costumes. Our tutu princess, sock monkey and buzz lightyear costumes are all hanging--they all fit--and we're ready to go for Halloween!

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