Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunrise on the Ocean

The view this morning. The most adorable thing on the beach at 6am!

The little mister--looking for a pirate ship


Lydia loved stomping in the foam and getting "foam boots" on her tootsies

This morning--they children were really into the treasure hunt. They went in pj's of course--who has time to change clothes when treasure might be waiting?? Me and Bethy at 6:30--the sunrise was beyond beautiful.

Yesterday--beaching it. She made a mad dash for the waves!

I love this shot--he was racing the waves

Trying to get her "Elilah"

I can't think of many things I would rather be doing at 6am on a Monday than "hunting treasures" on the beach at sunrise with my three little angels. We found some rope and some wooden pieces ("probably from a pirate ship!") and a yellow baloon on a string ("probably from a mermaid princess birthday party"). Super-lijah sprung into action with the last item and ran and put it in the trash can so a sea turtle wouldn't think it was a jellyfish and get choked. Makes me proud that they have an imagination and also that they have such a memory for things they learn. I mean, they go to the aquarium often and its nice they are learning stuff. Yep, were having fun down here. The only thing a mama could wish for is a bit more sleep--EJ has a cold and Lydia is just being a stubborn two year old. Bethany is adjusting to a new environment. No one is sleeping well. I think I was probably up about 10 times with various children last night. I had high hopes of scrapbooking but when the last child finally fell asleep last night at 8:30 I went with them. I was exhausted!! 2 hours on the beach, 1 hour exploring the property and looking for cats and two hours in the pool where I was holding Bethany (and usually Lydia) the whole time. Yesterday Bethany was inducted into the fat lip club when she slipped on the concrete and busted her lip on her top tooth. She was a pretty good sport about it. Yes indeed--things are different when mama is solo at the beach but we're doing well. We survived unloading the car (even the car top carrier!), going to the grocery, a broken elevator and getting around with the older two having to walk the whole time since the double stroller wouldn't fit. This adventure is stretching me out of my comfort zone but I'm surprising myself by rising to the occasion. Today we explored the beach and made it back before the rain. We went to the aquarium and then to lunch. I was mighty proud of myself at lunchtime when nothing got knocked over, the waitress was smiling an actual smile when we left, not one of those "Thank God they are finally out of here" smiles you can get when your kids are awful, and we all left with full bellies and clean hands and smiles on our faces.

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bethany said...

I am so not a morning person, but looks like I am actually missing-this is beautiful!!

And great things think alike-I found and contacted that company that makes those magnetic hands earlier this afternoon to see if I can do a review. They have dinosaur ones that I think Jak would really like. It's someone that it concrete, which is really important for a kid like him. Thanks for the suggestions though-I may try the Buzz idea if this doesn't pan out.