Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chef Elijah and Biker Beth

We were playing outside, enjoying the last few days of warmth, and Bethany got on the four wheeler and learned how to do the button. The girl can't steer but boy does she get a kick out of riding that thing! Elijah loves to help in the kitchen. I mentioned Saturday that I was going to have to let him make dinner once he could read a recipe. Monday night he asked to cook. I had already diced up the veggies and he is very careful so I let him make the stirfry and measure the cous cous and cook and serve dinner. He did a great job and followed all my directions--I was hands off the whole meal. He learned about a "dash" of salt a "splash" of vinegar and did wonderful. He didn't get burned (much to my surprise) and he even did a great job serving it up on our plates.
Yep--my four year old made greek bean stirfry and ate it all up afterwards. Zucchini, carrots, white beans, peppers and onions with olives and feta cheese . Yum! He was so proud of himself--his daddy ate it all and Elijah said :
"Dad--do you like my cooking? You liked it all the way until your food was gone and you liked it enough to get more!"

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