Sunday, November 21, 2010

The fog has lifted . . .

What a busy/horrible couple of weeks. First Bethany got diagnosed with an ear infection and went on the pink stuff to cure it. She stopped sleeping and was up 8-15 times EVERYNIGHT and she stopped napping--guess she is just as sensitive to food dye as EJ is. Then, Elijah came down with the coughing crud from something at the doctor's office because I had to take all three kids. Then Lydia came down with the coughing crud and I had a fever and runny nose all last week. Lydia is almost well and Daddy is sick as a dog. He went and got some antibiotics to help himself out. Thankfully, Lydia is sleeping again, Elijah is well, Bethany is done with her antibiotics and slept last night and only got up one time and napped today. The end is in sight and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

1) Antibiotics to help hubby heal quickly and help cure ear infections
2) Cough syrup that actually works on Lydia and is DYE FREE!
3) Knowing about a dye free diet and dye free stuff so that Bethany has been a super easy baby and not the holy terror that Elijah was. As sensitive as she is, she probably would have been a terrible baby if she'd had the pink lotions and food dyes like EJ did.
4) Being a stay at home mommy--we don't get sick days but there is no additional stress or worry when the kids get sick.
5) The ability to go on under 3 hours of sleep for 10 nights in a row--not many people could survive, let alone survive, cook dinner, play toys and keep smiling.

Many many more things . . . I am just too tired to go on!

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