Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Princesses and Handsome Princes

My handsome little boy picked out his own clothes for church the other week. What a handsome fellow! He was so proud of his tie! Goofing off this morning. Lydia was showing off her headstand.
She refused to wear it on Halloween but wanted to wear it yesterday for dressup. She is adorable in her "tutu princess" gown I think.

And Princess Bethany . . . now 10 months old and sporting teeth #5and #6. Thank goodness those are though! She had her 9 month check up (a month late) today and she is almost 18 lbs and in the 50% for height and the 20% for weight. She's growing fine though and very healthy except for a HORRIBLE abcess in her ear that we ended up getting antibiotics for. How on earth am I supposed to know she is that sick when she ran a little fever on Sunday and hasn't run a fever since then?? She's been crabby but two teeth have come though so I thought it was because of that. Oh well . . . .hopefully she'll be back to her cheerful self in a day or so on these antibiotics.

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