Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby Santa

One of the things I love the most about Christmas is that I don't have to listen to Wiggles or Raffi in the car for a whole month! I've got my old Mickey tapes of Chistmas music and a CD of all sorts of classics. The season started out with Feliz Navidad being the kids' favorite==only it was "Police Naughty Dog" that slowly morphed into "Please Mobidot" and now it is "Police Mommy-dot"

Lydia has a new favorite--Santa Baby. Only she calls it "Baby Santa song" She is not very good with the lyrics but she was humming along and said: "I don't want Chex in my stocking-I want candy." You know because the lyrics say--fill my stocking with a duplex and checks. I thought it was funny. She also told Bethany the other day when she was wearing a red outfit and her santa hat that "I been an awful good girl this year and I got to mention one little thing--my ring-not calling me on the phone."

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