Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Today we went to Dean's Farm to meet Santa. He was in for the day taking requests from Wilson children at his remote workshop location. He brought with him snow flurries. The kids are out there right now in the snow with daddy, nana and papa getting ready to go to the Christmas parade. I digress . . . .

When you get to Santa's workshop you can write your name on the naughty or nice list. Elijah was proud to get to write his own name.
Here's Bethy at the animals. By far the biggest hit of the day for her. Lydia wasn't really sure about the hayride--she doesn't like loud noises so she didn't crack a smile until the tractor was pulling us and she saw that it wasn't going ot be very loud.

Santa came out of the workshop at Dean's farm to greet us and held Elijah. Elijah was thrilled!

Lydia was pretty happy to meet the big man himself and tell him she wanted "Princess stuff" in her stocking. Elijah told him he wanted "surprises" in his.

Elijah was THRILLED to ride the hayride.

Bethy did NOT like Santa. She did smile and give him a high five after this shot though so she isn't traumatized forever.

Earlier in the morning I snapped these happy shots of my angels. Couldn't resist showing off their cuteness.

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