Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little update on us . . .

Wow--I had no idea I could be this busy! Three kids, Arbonne parties and orders and deliveries, turning 30, Christmas Theater . . . the list goes on and on.

I had a great 30th birthday. My mom and Justin planned a surprise party for me and Justin even missed Christmas Theater to come out and be a part of it. The best present is the netbook he got me--I am actually in my bedroom now blogging! I also absolutely LOVE LOVE the cabinet my parents got for me. IT is an antique and I now have a place to store my bread machine and mixer and stones. It is wonderful not to have to wach them every time I want to use them--they used to be in the outside garage.

Christmas Theater was a huge success this year. It was time consuming as always but Justin had a good time and the production ws very funny.

The children had their little program last night and they both got up and sang. I had to stay home with a teething, grouchy baby but Justin wen tiwht them and Granny and Grampy and NAna and PApa were able to go. Lydia stood up there and rang her bell and did her little movements all while clutching her lovey. Elijah was also obedient and did his little part of the program. I was surprised at how well they did.

Elijah had his 4 year old checkup last week. He had to get 3 shots and his blood drawn. We were worried he mightbe anemic. It was absolutely hilarious to watch him get a blood draw. We walked in to get "labs" because it was already after the shots and I didn't want him freaking before he had to. He saw the chair with the little dop arm on it and shouted "Mom! They're going to blood me!!" The nurse went to go get anothe rnurse to help hold him because she could just tell he was going to freak and freak he did. He was screaming and trashing. He held still when I told him they would have to stick him again if he moved. He was just screaming then he started threatening: "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy--come save me and beat these ladies up!" After they were done he looked at the nurse and said :" My daddy is going to hear about this and come back and punch you." I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud. He survived though and there is nothing wrong with him at all.

Lydia started having a paci again at night. I feel very conflicted about this. She has been without one for months now but the nap went with it. A little friend of hers at school sucks his thumb and she started this past weekend. I couldn't get her to stop and her teeth already started to move. After talking with Justin we decided to just give the paci back in hopes of knocking out the thumb sucking. IT is working so far. I just hate hate that she is going to have to give it up again. It was so horrible the first time.

Bethy is cutting her molars and she is telling the whole world about it. Its awful. She is fussy all night long. Thankfuly her pleasant disposition prevails during her waking hours. She is just a delight and so easy to be around most of the time.

Bethy is walking more and more. I don't really count it as walking until they prefer to walk adn can just take off. She is still just stepping--though she can do upwards of 15 steps now. She says "uh-oh" and gives the best hugs and goes "mmm-mmm" when she hugs you. She blows kisses and gives high fives. She is so sweet!

We have been busy with playdates. We had a bag decorating party for Arbonne a week ago and then today had a shirt party. I got 20 shirts and sewed trees on them and then the kids decorated them with paint and sequins. It is one of those crafts that I think is going to take a while and its over in 5 minutes!! We had so many kids though that we took it in shifts and it was fun. The playdate was crazy but thankfully my kids are great at sharing and we didn't have any squabbles about "MINE!"

This past Saturday we had our pseudo-Christmas with my mom and dad. It was WONDERFUL!! Friday night the olders went over and went ont he horse drawn carriage ride twice and then had a sleepover party. Justin, Beth and I got over there at about 9am. We spent the whole day there and got home about 7pm. Justin and I ran a quick errand during nap time but it was very relaxed. The kids got to play with stuff as they opened and we weren't rushed. It was so nice to spend the whole day there and not be trying to get somewhere else. I know it isn't the same for my parents to not be able to do it on Christmas day but I think a new tradition may have just been set because I loved it and so did the kids.

Well--looks like theibuprofin finally kicked inand beth is sleepy again so I am going to put the little netbook down, creep quietly out of the bathroom where I have been hiding listening to her fuss and fret and hit the sack. 5am comes mighty early around these parts and often a kid or two comes into my room earlier than that!

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