Saturday, December 11, 2010

Look Out

Today Bethy walked across the room to daddy. She is still preferring to crawl but she can stand up without holding on to anything, get up without holding on to anything and take 7 or 8 steps without falling.

Yesterday she took 5 steps, paused and got her balance, then three more.

This babe is on the cusp of walking and we are all so excited!! I love this milestone because it means no more FILTHY hands at the playground and so much more independence for her. I can hardly wait for her to take off.

I am impatient because she is holding practice sessions throughout the night. All the kids did it--when they were about to master it is was several nights of not sleeping well. It is like her little brain and body just can't turn off. She'll wake up and waddle back and forth in the crib or pack and play. Once she's got it I am hoping she'll start sleeping again.

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