Friday, December 03, 2010

My Little Princesses

Last night Chick Fil A had some real "little girl princesses" and I took Lydia on a special mommy-daughter date. She picked out her own outfit--brown shorts, tennis shoes with no socks, a christmas turtleneck, a princess coat and of course-a hat! Got to love the 2 year old style. She was ADORABLE (but I am biased). Here she is with the Princess.
And here is princess Bethany doing some dressup--how cute is she??Finally, Bethy is 11 months old today!!! Here she is yesterday after lunch. The Kiefer got a bit out of control so she had to go straight to the sink. She didn't sleep though the night last night but the two nights before she did.
She's taking 2 and 3 steps pretty regualarly now but not walking. She can stand on her own for a while.
She can say a lot of words and loves to say "hi!" at people to get their attention.
She loves her pacis and her fuzzy loveys.
She DOES sleep in the car but only when she's alone.
She is still nursing but only about 4 times a day now.
She is a big eater and loves beets and tomatoes the most right now.
She is loving her sissy more and more but still ADORES her brother above all others!

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