Saturday, December 04, 2010


In one week I will leave my 20's behind. Wow! Hard to believe. I've done a lot these first thrity years. . .
I've been to Paris.
I've lived in Spain.
I've graduated with highest honors from UNC-CH.
I've gotten my Masters degree.
I've learned two languages other than English.
I've eaten some weird stuff ...goat testicles, octopus and a suckling pig top the list of YUCK!
I've gotten married.
I've given birth to two children at home.
I've given birth to one child at the hospital.
I've been in a car accident.
I've been mugged.
I've broken someone's nose and arm.
I've survived a knife fight.
I've broken bones.
I've weighed over 400 lbs.
I've lost over 200 lbs.
I've bought a new car.
I've survived two root canals.
I've been electrocuted twice.
I've learned how to strip wallpaper, fix a toilet, install a faucet and install a light fixture.
I've learned how to drive a car and a lawn mower.
I've been parasailing.
I've been deep sea fishing.
I've been to the Grand Canyon.
I've been to Hawaii.
I've learned how to change a tire.
I've learned it is possible to go weeks with very little sleep and still function.
I've learned how to cook.
I've learned how to make and decorate some pretty awesome cakes.

but you know . . .not much of that matters because I can't store up these treasures here. I've learned that the most important thing is something that I haven't done--its something I have recieved. My salvation.

In these next thirty years what can I hope for ???
  • I hope that my children will come to know and love Jesus and accept his salvation.
  • I hope that my parents and in-laws and the rest of my family will come to know and love Jesus and want to fellowship with other believers and become involved in a church.
  • I hope that I can stop focucsing on the here and now and what I cannot change and start focusing on the eternal and what really matters.
  • I hope that I can look back on this time and remember all of the fun memories we were making and remember it as a happy time.


bethany said...

Happy Birthday soon! Your life has been way more exciting than mine!

Alysun said...

Wow!! I'm not messing with you!! Happy Birthday, dear friend and welcome to your 30s. (It just keeps getting better:)