Thursday, January 28, 2010

Think Positive . . .

This morning was great. After a night of almost 5 hours of sleep, I am feeling energized and pretty well rested. I got to spend one on one time with Bethany after I dropped the older two off at preschool, I cleaned the bathrooms, I got dinner started in the crock-pot, I had lunch with my mom. It was good. I didn't do as much as I had hoped because Bethany decided her time would be better spent screaming than napping but I did get the bathrooms cleaned!

The bathrooms were in need of cleaning. We're potty training (re-training??) Lydia after a break from panties since October. She is pretty good but still a bit messy. EJ is all boy and his aim is usually a bit off . . needless to say the bathrooms get dirty in a hurry. Anyway, as I was cleaning and listening to Bethany wailing I thought to myself how blessed I am. How many women who can't have children would LOVE to stay up all night with a colicky baby? How many moms have children with disabilities who CAN'T take themselves to the bathroom? I'm sure they would love to have to clean up after a little boy with bad aim. How many moms have lost children and would love to have to put up with a toddler who screams, bites and throws tantrums? Yes I am truly blessed beyond belief.

Lately I have been trying VERY VERY VERY hard to focus on the positive and quit the "stinkin' thinkin' " that is so easy to do. I have been trying to count my blessings instead of moping around. I have been trying to focus on the positive--shower, coffee, kisses and snuggles. I know one day I am going to look back and have forgotten the worst of this and remember the good. I don't want to spend my time and energy focusing on the negatives because that is NOT what I want to remember. This is hard for me. I am tired. I don't want to do this sometimes. I want a sick day or a vacation day or something. I want my kids to magically act the right way and do the right things. I don't have the energy sometimes to put the effort needed to do what I want to do. But somehow I reach down and know that most days I have done my best. My kids ate vegetables. My kids used their manners. My kids didn't break anything at the Wal-mart. Whatever. I will take even the smallest victory and claim it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tickled Pink

Jumping on an air mattress while mommy tickles you can be so fun!

Tummy Time

She likes it about as well as the other two . . .

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not me Monday!

There is a whole lot that I did NOT do this week. Let's see, I most certainly did NOT leave for preschool 15 minutes early, give the older two snacks and just drive around the long way to stop the whining kids and screaming baby. I also haven't been going to the gym and letting the kiddos play in childwatch while I go and take a shower and leave the baby in the stall with me then sit in the lobby, drink coffee, show off the baby and chill for the full hour and a half. Nope, that wouldn't be right.
I haven't been so lazy a couple of days that I have just made "Monster" smoothies and used frozen broccoli instead of ice in our fruit smoothies. I also haven't let the children have a smoothie and pirate Booty and nothing else for lunch. That wouldn't be responsible at all :)
I also didn't get medication confused in my sleepless haze and accidentally give my one year old Tylenol cold for children. She then didn't proceed to take an unheard of three hour nap. And I most certainly didn't consider giving her some more Tylenol cold to make her nap later in the week.
Finally, I didn't make dinner last week with a toddler on my back in a Mai-Tai sling eating a sucker to keep her quiet and a nip sucking 2 week old nursing in the Maya wrap. Nope--I would never strap two kids to me and stick something in thier mouths to make things quieter around here and so I could get a decent dinner on the table by 5:30pm. Elijah also wasn't sitting at the table sucking on a sucker and playing with playdough while I held both sissies.
What didn't you do this week?

Ahoy Mateys!

I love the playhouse we got the kids for Christmas. Today it is a pirate ship and they are sailing around looking for treasure and they are squishing various sea creatures along the way. Pretend play is so great--especially when they do it independently and I can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

We called her at 7am, before rounds at the hospital, to wish her happy birthday. EJ sang to her, so did Lydia. I love how Lydia sings Happy Birthday song--"Happy to you happy to you!!!"

We made her a cake first thing this morning. It was in the oven cooking by 7:30am. The kids had already licked beaters and were running around like madmen by that time. Yum! Homemade carrot cake and cream cheese icing.

We busied ourselves all morning with childwatch and a playdate with friends, came home for a quick lunch and naps. After naps we went over to see mom and dad. All three kids were screaming and crying in the car. They were all tired and grouchy. UGH! I didn't want to bring them over in the grouchy moods they were in but I wanted to see my mom and wish her happy birthday and give her cake and her gift. After some cake and ice cream the kids perked up. We were only there about 45 minutes since I wanted to come home and make dinner and get them into bed early. This not sleeping stuff has GOT to stop soon! Anyway here are some pics from the afternoon . . .

Grampy got screaming baby duty while Granny opened her gift.

Yes--a cactus. We got her a plantar that's shaped like a seashell and wanted to fill it with something that wouldn't die if she didn't go to the beach house for a while.

Yum cake--before dinner--the kids just ate the icing.

We got home and Elijah wanted to pick out something for dinner. I told him it had to be healthy since he'd had cake. He chose a slice of cheese, grapefruit and spinach. Lyddie chose a clementine, cheese, spinach, white beans and noodles. Justin and I had spinach and white beans and noodles. I am glad the kiddos make such healthy choices but sometimes it surprises me. Boy does that boy love grapefruit--he was licking the bowl and the table and his hands and he squeezed it and drank the juice too.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Bethany Update

Took Bethany for her 1 month visit today. A bit early since she isn't even 3 week s yet but whatever, I don't go back until March so I am happy.
Anyway--she is 8 lbs even and that is after a major blowout in the waiting room. Not too shabby--already more than a lb over her birthweight and she'll be 3 weeks on Sunday. Breastmilk does a body good.

Other good news is that she is just fussy. The doctor checked her eyes and ears and throat to make sure she wasn't sick with anything. Nope--she just likes to scream for hours on end. Ahh--at least I know she isn't hurting and is just a grouch :) That's easier to deal with for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nap Head

She doesn't have much but what she does have is WILD!

Hard at "Work"

Oh the wonderful task of being a Stay at Home Mommy! Especially when the temperatures are in the low 60's and we can head outside for the morning.
We went to the gym and I got a shower while the older two played and Bethany chilled in her carseat in the shower room. It was free sample smoothie day so we all got a sample of the pina colada. YUM! Quick trip to the grocery to get milk and some other things. Then from 10am until 1pm we played outside and LOVED it.
We dug up stuff in the garden. Played sandbox. Ran around. I gave airplane rides (very difficult with a baby in the sling OBTW). Swung on the swings. It was pure delight!
Baby leg warmers--you got to love them!
Happy girl!
Snacktime! We got frozen yogurt tubes and took a wagon ride down the street. Fun fun fun!

Then we chalked and left a message for daddy to see.

My silly boy!

Bethany just went with the flow--she nursed once outside, looked around for a little bit and then snoozed in the sling. She's pretty low on the fussing today. She must have gotten it out of her system last night :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Heartwarming-Brother's Love!!

Its been a busy and lousy day. Lydia is cutting molars and has a fever and is just grouchy. Elijah didn't get enough sleep last night due to both sissy's screaming at all hours and mama is sleepy too! This afternoon wasn't shaping up to be much better since Ej only napped about 45 minutes (he normally naps about 2 hours). But he came on down and was in a good mood. I let him watch a program and had Bethany on the couch. She was fussy too but I had to get some stuff done while Lydia was out of the way. I suddenly heard Bethany stop fussing and I ran in to make sure EJ hadn't covered her up with a pillow or something and I saw this. How adorable is that?? He was snugging her and she was just gazing at him. Precious!

I was a bit paranoid that he might knock her off the couch so I switched them around and let them snuggle and watch a movie. They were there about 20 minutes. I was just in awe of my little man.

Out of the mouth of Elijah . . .

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Baby . . .

Lyddie is not gentile with Bethany. Today she told me:

"Baby Betty eyes. Poke eyes funny! Watch!" And I grabbed her before she clawed the poor baby's eyes out.

She saw baby Bethany in the swing yesterday and yelled:

"Baby Betty--UNDERDOG--Weeeee!!!" and proceeded to push the swing as hard as she could to try and give her sissy an underdog. Bethany didn't think it was much fun (though thankfully I HAD strapped her in and she was swaddled so she didn't get jerked too much).

Lydia is also a BIG fan of "Fist Bonks" (aka Fist Bumps--Pastor Rusty's "handshake" for the little kids). She walked past Baby Bethany two days ago and Bethany wasn't swaddled. She was laying on her back with her little fists up by her face. Lyddie said:

"Baby Betty. Happy Sunday! Fist Bonk!" And did a fist bump as she walked by. Bethany didn't seem to mind and I thought it was really funny.

Poor baby Bethany--she's gonna be tough stuff!

Mom of Three . . .

Its truly amazing how much you change from your first baby to your third. I remember being scared to even shower and leave Elijah alone on the floor in the bathroom when he was a bitty baby. I have no idea what I did with all my time when he was my only one. Granted he didn't sleep and cried a LOT but still . . . whew! Today, with all three at home, I've already changed all the sheets and laundered the dirty ones, done a load of cloth diapers, dropped off a baby gate to a friend who just got a puppy and went grocery shopping. I didn't plan around the baby's feeding/sleeping or anything. With EJ everything was highly orchestrated.

Yesterday when the older two woke up we went outside to play. It was chilly--in the 40's--but that is downright balmy for us lately. Bethany went along of course, wrapped in a blanket and tucked in a sling inside my sweatshirt. I never would have done that with Elijah. I also wouldn't have gotten on the ground and dug up our pine straw pile looking for hibernating lizards with a baby in the sling. Granted the only reason i was doing that was because my three year old wanted to, but still, wallowing on the ground in 40 degree weather with a baby on my chest . . . I am a different woman.

With Elijah I was careful to always het him perfectly clean and have him in cute matching clothes. With Bethany clean clothes are always on her but they aren't always cute, they don't always fit and they don't always match. Today, she had a major blowout and instead of trying to clean her up with the wipes and stuff I just got her naked and took her to the kitchen sink and sprayed her off. Saved about 5 wipes and 10 minutes of trying to clean a screaming newborn. (Yes I did clean out the sink and clean the counter afterwards--still saved myself a bunch of time). I never would have done that with EJ.

I am really enjoying what I know will be my last babe. It is so much more fun now that I have older ones to distract me brom the monotony of a bitty baby (I am NOT a baby person). It also makes me cherish the time I do have alone with Bethany--listening to her tiny squeaks and slurps and grunts and coos--snuggling up to her while she nurses--breathing in her milky sweet baby breath--ahhhh.

I am fast becoming an expert at handling three munchkins and I am OH SO HAPPY that this is where the Denton's have ended up. Five is a wonderful number!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Name that Baby . . .

Everyone keeps asking who she looks like, Lydia or Elijah . . .judge for yourself.

Lydia at one day old: Bethany--just born:

Elijah at one day old:


OK--so the kids have a new facination with all things booby now that we have another little nippler in the house and I am feeding her every 2 or so hours. So far I have heard the following today . . .

Elijah on Boobies:

"Mom--hers is sucking on my finger. Hers thinks its a booby!"
"Mom--Baby Beffany can't eat vitamins yet. God puts all the vitamins in your bobbies and she sucks them out with the milk right?"

Lydia on Boobies:
"Betty--no bite mama's boobies."
"Baby like suck boobies."
and my personal favorite after she shoved her baby up her shirt--
"Lydia's big boobies milk. Feeding MINE baby. Don't hit MINE boobies they sore!"

I also finished up writing down Bethany's Birth story for those of you who might want to read it. I know it is in way more detail than you probably care about but it is for me to have a record of what I went though. I really enjoyed reading through Elijah's birth story and Lydia's birth story and reminding myself of how strong a woman I am.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Newest Angel

Our Precious Gift

Behold, children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them! ~ Psalm 127:3-5

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Beefin' Up Bethany . . .

When I took the littlest miss to the doctor for her weight and jaundice check Tuesday afternoon she had dropped from 6 lbs 11 ounces (birth weight) to 6 lbs one ounce. The doctor wanted to see her back first thing Friday morning to make sure she was gaining weight and to make sure that the bruises on her arm didn't cause her to become jaundiced (she came out with her fist under her chin and bruised her arm and shoulder during delivery--as well as taking out some of mommy). Anyway--took her back Friday morning and she was back up to 6 lbs 11 ounces. That's right people--We're beefing up our little girl on butter-milk! 10 ounces in 2 days! What a nursing champ! I guess God knows that I like to birth them small and grow them once they are outside!! I am almost excited to take her back to the doctor in a couple of weeks just to see how big she's gotten. EJ gained 2 lbs in his first two weeks . . . we'll see if his little sissy can match it :)

On another note we had a professional photographer come to the house today and do a photo shoot. I was disappointed that the older two didn't cooperate at all so we didn't get a shot of the three kiddos :( We did manage to get one of the five of us and I am hoping at least one turns out. We also got tons of shots of naked Bethany and angel wings and a big bow and some cute ones of her up close. We had great-grandma and nana and papa and granny and grampy and got to take family shots. We also got one of me and Justin and Bethany. Hoping for some good results. It was WAY more crazy than I imagined and Chris was so patient!! I had to nurse Bethany to sleep at the end of the shoot and he was content to just wait and then listened to her screaming about being on her stomach . . . its a good thing he has kids I think!!

Almost done with the birth story--just have to get enough energy to finish it up. I'll post it when I am done.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bethany Noelle Pictures

OK--so finally got enough sleep and enough energy to post some pics of our newest addition.

Daddy kisses in the hospital.Going home!!!
Introducing Bethany to Big Brother

and big sissy!

I think he likes her!!

The absolutely cutest thing was that when we brought her home Elijah kept repeating "Hers is real!" and kissing her. He loves her a lot and doesn't seem so upset by her crying. Lydia is thrilled to have a real baby but she is a bit heavy handed :) Had to sling the little one today to keep Lydia from giving her a concussion in the bouncy seat with the "rock rock!"
Lydia is a little distressed about the breast feeding. She came up and said: "Baby Betty bite your booby mommy!" And she'll come up and waggle her finger at Bethany and say "No biting!" Now when she starts we say she's drinking mama milk and Lydia says "drinking milk--no bite Betty!" (Betty is how she says Bethany--EJ says Beffany)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Bethany's Birth Story

Wow! So different than the other two children! It is hard to believe my third angel is here. I was cramping pretty badly on Saturday evening but nothing that I would consider a contraction. I thought I had just overdone it with the de-decorating Christmas stuff and putting stuff in the attic. At 1am I couldn't sleep through the cramps anymore and they were officially contractions. (Officially in my mind anyway!) They were coming about 8-10 minutes apart.

I knew that 1-3-2010 was going to be the day so I went ahead and showered and kept busy upstairs for an hour or so (Justin had fallen asleep downstairs). Throughout the night EJ was up and Lyddie was up (they had a rough night) so Justin and I got them back down around 2am and I went downstairs and he went back to bed upstairs. The contractions got down to about 5 or 6 minutes apart for a couple of hours and then seemed to peter out and they were only coming every 20 or 30 minutes. I was so frustrated!!! I decided to try and nap and rest as much as I could so I sat in the recliner and dozed off and on until about 6am when they started getting close together again.

At 6am I called my parents knowing that they were probably already up or close to it. I let them know that I really needed them to plan to come and get the kiddos early. I didn't want EJ to see me in pain and at that point the contractions were pretty hard and I was hurting. EJ and Lyddie were up by 6:15 or so and Granny and Grampy got there at 6:30. The kids were thrilled to get to go with Granny and Grampy in their PJ's. Justin packed their bag while I told EJ that today was Bethany's birthday. He wanted her to come right then! He seemed really excited.

After the kids left I had some breakfast and Justin showered. I really wanted to be left alone. I didn't want him anywhere near me. I was seriously very worried about the labor and the hospital birth experience and I just needed to be alone to process those emotions. I sent Justin on to church with the promise to call if anything changed. He left and I went and lay in the bed to try and rest. I drifted in and out of sleep until about 11am when the pain just got too overwhelming. I took another shower to try and help relax and get the contractions closer together. I noticed that if I was zoning on something like the TV then the contractions would get closer together--6 or so minutes. If I started thinking about the hospital and that it was time to go then they would space back out to about 15 minutes apart. The mind is so powerful! I can't believe how much control my mind had over my body.

I called the doula and let her know about our labor and that I wasn't sure what the plan was going to be. About 11:30 I called the hospital and talked with a nurse. She said with the variable contractions that it was probably "false" labor, but I knew I was having the real thing. She said I was more than welcome to come in at any time and they would check me and see what was going on. When Justin got home from church he ate some lunch and I told him my theory about the contractions and my fear of the hospital. He agreed that we should just go ahead to the hospital and see what was going on.

I called my mom and the doula and my brother to let them know we were on our way to the hospital. He called his mom and did the same. We went on to the hospital around 1:15pm and headed up to L&D. I was really surprised at the whole experience. It was about a million times better than I thought it was going to be. We got taken right to a room and found we were the only one on the whole unit. I changed into a gown and they hooked me up to a contraction monitor and a fetal heart monitor. It was so reassuring to see Bethany's heartbeat and see how she was doing during the contractions. (I was used to some feedback from the other two homebirth's because my midwives always had the doppler.) We answered all the questions and I noticed the contractions were coming really close together. The strip confirmed that they were coming 3 minutes apart! I couldn't believe it! The nurse checked me and I was so scared I was going to be just a fingertip or something but I was 3-4 cm! I almost did a dance of joy! She quickly went and spoke with the doctor (Dr. Brazina was on call) and they decided that I could stay. Because I was worried about the IV we decided to go ahead and start that and get it over with. They also wanted to draw labs to check my iron. Boots (our nurse) was a great stick. One poke, no fishing around and it was done. It hurt a bit but was nothing compared to getting that PICC line! They flushed the line but didn't hook me up to a drip or anything.

Boots knew we wanted a hands off approach so she suggested we walk around and see if we could progress. At this point we decided to bail on the doula. We both felt like the nurses were listening to us and that Justin was holding up well and didn't really need the support of a doula. I was also really wanting to be private and left alone and the idea of another person in the room or talking with me really irked me. I walked about an hour and she checked me and I was 7cm. The doctor came in and checked me over and introduced himself. It was about 3:45pm at this point. He thought I would probably go very quickly--I had other thoughts. I stalled at 8cm with Elijah and Lydia's labor was just long and awful. I was absolutely terrified of another long labor and hemorrhaging or c-section because of it. When he suggested breaking my water Justin and I agreed without hesitation (we had discussed it in depth before coming to the hospital). I was pretty exhausted at this point and we both knew that with our other children that the water broke at the last minute and the next contraction they were born. We were thinking that since I was already 7cm and progressing that this might help labor not to stall.

I was very concerned with my ability to handle contractions in the hospital. At home I didn't have drugs as an option and I didn't have to be on my back at all. In the hospital they were really accommodating as far as letting me get in whatever position I wanted in the bed and just adjusting the monitor afterwards. Boots let me squirm and roll and writhe as much as I wanted. Let me just say that I have NEVER had a contraction without my bag of waters to cushion it. I made it through the first one OK. The pain was about a 9 or so. When the next one hit about a minute later I seriously thought I was going to die. The pain was absolutely the worst thing I have ever felt. Kudos to you women who labor the whole time with no water--I couldn't have done it!

Justin and I had already discussed that if I needed pitocin or if they had to break my water then we would see how I handled the pain and then decide on if we wanted an epidural. I really thought there was NO way I would ever get an epidural. The second contraction after breaking my water proved me wrong. I immediately started begging for help and sobbing and crying. The pain that I felt without the water bag there was something I had never experienced before. It was a whole new level of pain. Justin was wonderful--he talked to me and coached me and told me I was doing great and that I could do it. We both knew I needed something because I was very quickly losing control. I knew IV pain meds were NOT an option since they affect the baby so we asked for the epidural. I was in so much pain at this point that I was nauseous and couldn't even roll from side to side. It was a feeling so different from my other two labors that it took me by complete surprise.

About 10 minutes later anesthesia showed up and Boots checked me one more time just to make sure that I couldn't just push instead of getting the pain medicine. Unfortunately I was still at 7cm--I was NOT surprised. I couldn't relax at all and was just clenching up every contraction--not a good way to progress. They quickly got the epidural in and it took on the right side of my body--very weird feeling. It took a little of the edge off the left side and I was able to concentrate on relaxing and breathing again through the contractions. They put the epidural in at 4:45pm. After about 10 minutes Boots checked me and asked if I was ready to push out the baby. I was! They set up the room and I pushed through two contractions (6 pushes total) and our angel was born.

Bethany Noelle was born at 5:13pm and she weighed 6lbs 11oz. The cord was VERY short--she couldn't even get up on my chest--so Justin cut the cord and we got to snuggle. They didn't take her from me at all--they just let me hold her and rub her and love on her. After a few minutes they wanted to do the APGAR so they put her in the little bassinet in the room and weighed and measured and checked her over. Justin was able to be with both of us. It was wonderful!

I was able to deliver the placenta and had pretty normal bleeding. Because of my history they decided to start IV pitocin for 12 hours and I ended up also getting a shot of something else in my thigh called Methergen. Bethany was born with her fist under her chin so she had some big bruises on her elbow and shoulder from coming out and she tore a little pathway on the inside of me. That ended up being all that I needed stitched closed.

We stayed in the hospital until 5:30pm on Monday and went home. I have never been more exhausted than I was after that hospital birth. I had someone in the room every half hour until 2am. They left me alone from 2-3:30 am and then it started back up with a steady stream of lab techs, medical records people, the pediatrician at 6am and the OB at 6;45. It was crazy!! I wanted to get a shower so bad but there was someone in there until 11am and then Justin had already left and I felt sort of stranded. Thankfully I just kept the baby in the room with me and we were able to snuggle and bond and nurse all day long to keep busy.

The hardest part of this birth were the afterpains that I got. They were not only bad while nursing but for the hour or so afterwards. Even as tired as I was on Monday night I barely got 3 hours total of sleep because of the pains. By Wednesday morning I was on the phone with the OB begging them to do something for me. Tylenol wasn't touching the pains and I was hurting so much I hadn't slept Monday or Tuesday night or been able to nap. I was literally to the point of throwing up while I nursed because they hurt so bad and I was DESPERATE to get some sleep. I had managed to get less than 8 hours of sleep since Saturday and it was Wednesday. The doctor told me to try Motrin and that as long as I wasn't bleeding, passing clots or feverish that it was just normal afterpains probably made worse by the drugs I got after the delivery. Thankfully, Motrin did take some of the edge off and I was able to get some sleep on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The pains finally became bearable with no pain meds by Friday afternoon.

All in all the experience was much better than I thought it would be and we ended up with a healthy mommy and baby. There is nothing more to hope for.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bethany Noelle is Here!

Bethany Noelle arrived today at 5:13pm weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz. She came out pink and screaming and is already a champion nurser. I forgot to pack the cable for the camera so I'll have to wait and do pics tomorrow. Birth story to come but we were right about me not wanting to go to the hospital. As soon as we got here and got the IV over with and saw what was going on the contractions went to three minutes apart and Bethany was born just 4 hours later.

Labor update Part 2

After talking and deciding that this labor is so much like Lydia's we've decided to go on to the hospital and see what the doctor has to say. Hopefully we'll have good news that I am progressing well :)

Labor Update

I think being scared of the hospital birth is stalling my progress. I will have good contractions for a while--about 6 minutes apart--then start thinking about the hospital and they space out to 15 or 20 minutes apart. Darn the power of the mind!!

I am not sure what we are going to do at this point. I am going to talk with Justin when he gets home from church and then call the doula and give her an update. I am just terrified of this contraction stuff going on and on and on and then hemmoraging again.

I am hoping if I can get to the hospital and get checked in and get the IV over with and sort of find my bearings then I will relax enough and get into a good pattern and have my newest angel in my arms.

Labor . . . Hurts so good!

Yeah--started serious contractions last night at 1am. They were about 6 minutes apart for three hours then spaced back out to about 14 minutes apart and I was able to take some short cat naps to try and recharge for what I know will be an eventful day. It's 7:30am and they are getting closer and closer together. My parents have the kids--came and got them before breakfast so EJ would not freak out seeing me hurting. He is so excited that our fresh baby is finally "ripe" and is going to come out today.

I am excited but nervous. Contractions hurt and I am VERY tired. The kids were up several times during the night and I was up from 1-4 with contractions and then only got catnaps until 6am. I keep remembering back to Lydia's labor--44 hours of this stuff. I guess I am kinda glad we are going to the hospital this time. 44 hours was too much for my uterus to take and I ended up hemmoraging. I think we will head on into the hospital around lunchtime or so even if they don't get any closer or longer. I don't want another 2 day labor and I don't want to bleed again!

J-man is tring to decide if he wants to go to church or not. I don't want him around me. I like to labor in private. I haven't even called the doula yet because I know its so early in the process. I am hoping he goes to church to give me some privacy--I think that is my best chance for progressing today.

Regardless of what happens we'll be happy if we end up with a healthy little girl and a healthy mommy at the end of the day. Really, the path to get there doesn't matter all that much as long as that is the end result.

Hopefully we'll have pics to share later!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Baby Update . . .

She's still not here.

I'm not miserable with back pain or nausea or random contractions so I am not getting too impaitient, just eager to meet her.

My next OB appointment is Monday at 2pm and I REALLY hope to be able to skip it :)

We'll see what the next day or two brings--EJ was born on a Sunday, maybe this one will come tonight or tomorrow.