Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Me Monday!

There is always a lot that I didn't do in a weeks time and it makes me smile to remember all of it. Here goes . . .

I most certainly did not amuse the kiddos for a half hour by sucking thier hair and lips into the vacuum cleaner hose. No way--that hose is nasty and full of floor germs and stuff--I'd never suck their lips up into that thing. I also most certainly didn't find that the hose is a wonderful piggy tail syling instrument and use it to style my squirmy one year old's locks.

I also didn't let my three year old get so tired that he fell asleep completely naked, wrapped in his soggy towel in his bed after bath. I also didn't leave him there all night long and then laugh when he came stumbling into my room at 5:30 am and said, with a surprised tone: "Mom--I'm naked!"

Speaking of naked, it was certainly NOT my child who stripped down during quiet time, put all of his lovey's in the hamper and took all of the hamper clothes and shoved them in his pillowcase. I also didn't absolutely crack up when I saw his mischevious little face peeking out from his covers and hear him saying: "I can't get up now mommy. I am BUTT-NAKED!"

Finally, I didn't find myself yelling: "Elijah! Take Lydia to the bathroom and help her pull her panties down. " Because I was nursing the baby and trying to make dinner at the same time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dressed Yourself?

Thursday Elijah dressed himself. We've been working on this lately. He went to preschool in his Spriderman PJ shirt with wings, his pants were on backwards and his shoes were on the wrong feet.

We walk in the door and his teacher Ms. Kristy says:
"Wow Elijah. I like your shirt. Did you get dressed all by yourself this morning?"

Boy was he proud :)

I just love it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Things they Say . . .

Elijah: "Mom, Mrs. Kristy says Oh-Keh"
Me: "OK"
Elijah: "No MOM! Oh-Keh-- hers talks with an accident. Hers doesn't sound like us. Hers accidentally says the wrong thing."

Lydia fell on the floor and hurt her hands.
Lydia: "Naaaaaaauty floor. I 'pank floor."
She hits the floor with her hand and cries again.
Lydia: "Bad floor. It 'pank me back!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Elijah Quote

"Mom, your feet are a little bit stinky but the rest of you smells good . . . Mmmmm . . . like Juicy Fruit!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Are you feeling guilty for letting your children color each other with washable markers just so that you could get a few minutes to make dinner without your little helpers? Feeling guilty for styling your kids hair with the vacuum--great for pig tails! Not me! There is a lot that I didn't do this week . . .care to join in the fun over at MckMama's blog?

This week I most certainly didn't dress the baby in stupid boots because I am sick and tired of the baby socks falling off. I also didn't dress her in a dumb reindeer hat just to laugh. There is also no way I would have given my three year old the brand new digital camera I got for Christmas so that he could take a picture of me and the baby in said stupid outfits.
During the evenings this week we most certainly didn't stick the baby in the tub with the crazy one and three year olds. We also didn't say to Bethany that she needed to "shake it off" when she got splashed a bit by her siblings. We coddle our babies and only put them in inch deep water in a baby bath on the counter . . . not!
After the bath we most certainly didn't let a naked Lydia sit on our bed and watch Wiggles just to keep her still so we could finish washing EJ and get the baby lotioned and dressed. Nope--we never let our under two year old watch TV past her bedtime just to stop the whining.
I also didn't dress her and take a picture of her beautful curls. No--I would never do that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday the kids made up a game--"baby"

Lydia was the baby and Elijah was the mommy or daddy, depended on the moment. Lydia was calling him "Daddy-Lijah" and she was the baby--complete with Bethany's paci in her mouth and the little baby hat perched on her head.

Then it was pretend lunchtime. I hear:
"Here baby--its time to eat your mommy milk."

I run to the room, ready for a laugh, and find Elijah hiking his shirt up and Lydia crawling to him. She kissed his nipple and said "Thanks mommy-lijah"

Too funny!

Then it was pretend naptime and Elijah said:

"Time to make a baby burrito Lydia babe. You are too fat for this lovey. We'll arrito you with the nemo bag (sleeping bag). Nite nite sweetie."

I just love it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking it down a notch . . .

This afternoon around 2pm I thought we were going to have a great day. Granted I've been up since about 1am with the baby and then with the older two who decided 4am was a great time to start their days (even after gong to bed at 8pm last night).

Lydia was down for a nap, I was nursing Bethany and she was falling asleep and Elijah was in my bed having "quiet time." He has been fighting a nap for a while though he desperately needs one. For the past two days I have been putting him in his room with a timer for an hour and told him to play and read quietly. He has been falling asleep and not waking up when the timer goes off--Great! So today I carted some "loveys" and books to my room and let him have quiet time. I was feeling like I have this schedule thing down and had my three kiddos under control.

Then my confidence got taken down a notch. It was quiet and I thought he'd fallen asleep when I heard a bang in the bathroom. I went up, expecting to help him clean up after using the bathroom, and found him standing on the toilet empting bottles out of the medicine cabinet--ear drops, lotion, shampoo and baby wash and toothpaste. They were on the toilet, the cabinet, the bathtub and the floor. He'd been mixing them in a cup and not done a good job of pouring. I was so frustrated! $30 worth of dye-free stuff for the kids was WASTED and he kept saying "I didn't mean to do it mom." He knew I was mad. I was calm though--no yelling or spanking or raving. I made him help clean it up and put him back in his room for 30 minutes so I could have a time out. Whew!

About 5 minutes later Lydia was up and screaming and wouldn't go back to sleep--great another 45 minute nap for her=super whiny grouch. I abandoned the idea of quiet time and got them both and went downstairs and we played then called grandma to chat.

Then it got to be about 4pm and they were getting really tired and being awful to one another. Hair pulling, smacking, fighting, throwing toys . . . it was one time out after another. Then Elijah started spitting. I told him to go outside or go to the bathroom and spit in the potty. He knows this rule. He ran to the bathroom and I heard him spitting and Lydia laughing. I thought they were spitting in the toilet like usual and ran upstairs for aminute to check the baby. I came down and Elijah had gotten Valentines chocolate and chewed them up and spit them all over the bathroom. I took a deep breath, tried to remind myself that I am blessed to have these children, didn't kill him, and calmly put him in time out and cleaned it up.

I called Justin at work and told him to hurry home because I was going insane.

It was 4:45 and I fed the kids dinner. They were done by 5:10 and I expected Justin would be home in 10 minutes or so. Then the baby woke up and started screaming to be fed. I got the kids on the couch, latched the baby and started to read bedtime stories. Lydia pulled Bethany's hair and I said "No pulling hair--this is your warning. If you pull again, you will get a time out." She broke down and started tantruming. Then she yelled so loud she gagged and threw up all over me and the couch. I cleaned that up (while nursing--I can multitask!) and finished stories. It was 5:30 and Justin still wasn't home but my mom dropped by (with subs for our dinner no less!!). Sensing my desperation she scooped the barfy Lydia up and took her upstairs to get pj's on and go to bed. EJ and I finished stories and daddy got home at 5:45. He took EJ upstairs kicking and screaming while I finished up nursing the baby.

I turned the baby over to burp her and she threw up all over me. My shirt, pants and underwear all got soaked. She was soaked. Gross.

So here I am. I handed the baby to Justin, started the load of barfy clothes and towels, put on my (fresh pair) of big girl panties and am dealing with it. I am blogging while he feeds Bethany a bottle since I am running empty. I am reviewing Algebra for the student who's coming at 7:30 for tutoring. I am trying to remind myself that I will miss these days. I am convinced that tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smiley Bethany

And to think I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be jealous of a ceiling fan . . .

Cheese and Whine

Elijah isn't a big whiner--he learned a while ago that whining doesn't work on me. He pitches fits and screams--I have to admit, I have not been as consistent with him as I have needed to be. Heis one that if you give an inch he wants a mile.

Lydia is my whiner. Some days she doesn't say anything that isn't a whine. It is annoying.

I am working hard with both of them and began the "crack down" so to speak on Monday last week. Its working really well.

Lydia will whine, I will tell her to use a normal voice and not respond to her if she keeps on whining. It is nice--normally I get a whining fit and a few more whiny requests then she takes a deep breath and asks in a normal voice what she wants. I am hoping that soon she will just ask for what she wants and skip the fit and whining all together.

Elijah is a bit more stubborn. He and I butt heads a lot. He will pitch a fit and I will calmly tell him that he doesn't get what he wants when he pitches a fit. Unless he is trying to hurt me or his sissy I normally just let him scream. I endured a two hour fit Friday morning about getting dressed--he didn't like his pants. About 7am I told him he could go upstairs and pick another pair but that he had 5 minutes to do so. If he didn't do it then he was wearing what I brought downstairs. I set the timer. I honestly thought I was going to have to cancel my doctor's appointment at 9:30 because he was still going at 9am. Finally he let me help him with the pants I brought down (I had put up the baby gate once the timer went off so he couldn't go upstairs) and had a great day. Whew--that boy is hard headed.

Ahh--the joys of parenting! I am so glad that I can stay home and teach my kiddos and (generally) not have to worry about making appointments or making it to work on time. I have the time to discipline like I want to and I have the patience to wait for a stubborn three year old to calm down. I am so blessed to be able to raise my children and not have to work outside of the home. Even on the days when I am so frustrated and tired that I just want to call it quits and take a "lunch break" to get away I try to remember that it is my job to train up my children.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Beach

What a lot of beautiful snow we had--about 6 or 7 inches--great packing snow!! It was so wonderful to wake up on Saturday morning and see THIS at the beach! Thankfully, though I was doubtful the snow would actually fall, I did pack the kids' snow suits and stuff so we were able to fully enjoy it.

Poor Lydia--boots that were too big and snow that was too deep!

Me and my girl--yes a picture of me!! Lydia did enjoy it a lot. It was WAY to cold for baby Bethany so she napped inside while we enjoyed the snow.

We went to the beach just to see sand and snow. Weird!! It was beyond bitterly cold with that wind blowing so we didn't stay long.

We went to the aquarium and it was baby Bethany's first trip. She was OK for most of it . . .
but didn't like getting her picture made in the crab when she woke up. She wanted to eat!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


According to Elijah:

He gets superpowers from the sun into his eyes. He has "nocturnal eyes"--which is why he no longer wants to sleep with any kind of night light.

Bethany is not a human--"hers is a hu-baby"

Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy Family

Hmm--do you think that EJ and Lydia like thier new sissy?

Not me Monday!

I didn't do a lot this week . . .
I haven't been heard saying "Don't pee-pee on Dora, we don't want to make Dora mad!" several times a day this week as we have gone from no pants or panties to regular clothes again. And I most certainly didn't let my little girl go completely bottomless for FIVE days to just get potty training over with quickly. Nope--I wouldn't want her to run around like that. (And I most definitely didn't take pictures to humiliate her later on in life).
I also didn't make cookies with my kids this morning at 9:30am after we got back from the gym. Nope--my three year old most certainly doesn't know that cookies have butter, flour, sugar and eggs. And even if he did, he wouldn't ask if we have each ingredient before suggesting we make chocolate chip cookies with the chocolate chips that I most certainly DIDN'T bribe my one-year old with to make her go to the potty.
I also didn't zip both children upside down in sleeping bags with books down at the bottom just so Bethany could nurse without them climbing all over us. No--surely they might suffocate or get overheated. And my two children didn't think it was absolutely hilarious to be reading books in sleeping bags with flashlights.
I also didn't move a little table close to the playroom couch so that they could jump from the table to the couch and burn off some of that cookie energy and be ready for early naps. I would never suggest my kiddos do something wild and crazy like that. And we most certainly NEVER jump on the furniture in the playroom.
What didn't you do this week?? Head on over to MckMama and link up!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Funny T-Shirts

Yes--I am a dork

Cute and Cuter

Cute are the outfits we've been dressing Lydia in to potty train--shirt, leg warmers (baby legs), socks and nothing else. Though we have started to try underwear--she has a lot of accidents, I guess because they feel so much like cloth diapers :(

Cuter are the piggy tails she was sporting today.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tummy Time . . .

Bethany hates tummy time.

How much does Bethany hate tummy time?

She hates it so much that she can now roll over.

Oh yeah--three times today that chick flipped from her belly to her back with no help at all from her siblings. Yikes! One month and one day old--beat her brother by 2 full weeks!

Go Bethany Go!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snow much fun!

Took the kids out today by myself--not too bad. Toughest part was getting them both dressed and undressed without getting anyone grumpy. Baby Bethany even got in on the fun.
"Gotcha' mom!" After clocking me with a huge ice chunk.

Ice chunk fight--I had to call an end to this quickly. EJ was in one of those devilish moods and kept running up and stuffing ice down Lydia's coat, then he stole her gloves so she couldn't pick up ice to retaliate.

Baby Bethany and Lydia--EJ refused to get in the picture. I just wanted to document she was here during the snow. She slept the whole time we were out there--snug as a bug in her snowsuit.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy One Month Bethany!

Hard to believe we've already had Bethany for a month!
Here's what she can do:
  • EAT--Bethany you eat every 2 or 3 hours around the clock. Sometimes at night you want to wake up EVERY hour :( But you are growing so well!! I got on the scale at the gym today and it says you're at about 9 lbs! You are generally quick--about 20 minutes total--but you hate nursing in public and will eat just enough to take the edge off and then wait until we are back home and finish up.
  • SLEEP-you like to be awake right after you eat and then you like to nap. You LOVE to be swaddled. You like your swing sometimes but normally Lydia tries to swing you so much that you would prefer to just be upstairs in your pack and play. You hate to sleep in the quiet and we have to have white noise or EJ and Lyddie have to be playing if you are going to sleep.
  • Hold up your head--you hate tummy time but you are good at it. You can hold up your head and look left and right. When I have you by myself you just lay there and scream. When you are on tummy time and your brother and sissy are playing you are constantly on the move--running your defense.
  • Suck a paci--you just started doing this yesterday. I hated forcing the paci but you were sucking your fists and your daddy and I REFUSE to have a thumb sucker!! When you are tired I swaddle you so you can't get your hands and plug your fuss with the paci. You like it now!
  • Smile--you have only smiled two times and both were at your brother. You love your brother and tolerate him well.
  • Put up with a lot!! Your brother and sissy are constantly loving on you. You are generally long suffering. You have a lot more patience for Elijah than Lydia because he is generally much more gentile.

We love you Bethy-poo and we are glad you came to us!

Snow pics

It did snow and here are the proof pictures. The kids had so much fun playing it was hard to get them to slow down enough for a picture!

Here's Elijah and his "ice scultures" (sculptures) which he threw like snowballs, tried to sell to cars passing by and ate, blendered up, as snow cream.
Lydia liked snow cream but she also liked to just eat the snow too.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin!

We hung streamers, made signs, made a death by chocolate cake and homemade "hot pockets" per daddy's request. Pretty good birthday I think.