Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I didn't do a lot of things this past week. I certainly didn't let my children play outside until they were dirty, sticky and just plain nasty then feed them lunch outside, let them eat popsicles all afternoon, feed them dinner outside then strip them naked on the porch and put them in the bath together all before daddy got home from work. I also didn't have them both snoozing by 6pm several nights in a row because it was just easier to let them skip nap than fight the three year old about it.
When EJ got filthy at the park and wanted a snack I most certainly wasn't too lazy to go to the car and get a wipe for his hands and I didn't say: "Just wipe your hands on your pants, you'll be fine." No--I am way too germaphobic for that. I never let my kids eat sand or dirt.
I also didn't nurse the baby on the front porch while the kiddos went on a bug hunt. It wasn't me who stood by while Elijah convinced Lydia to taste a "poly bug." Again, too germaphobic. I also didn't laugh when she said "mmmm--Yummy!" after eating the bug. Nope--protein from a bug--never!
This week my dear sweet daughter has most definetly not had a smoothie EVERY SINGLE DAY. She also hasn't had them for Breakfast AND lunch a couple of days. Nope--I feed her better than that. I also didn't hide broccoli and peas and carrots by using frozen veggies instead of ice. Not me :)
What didn't you do?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Productive Thursday . . .

Whew--I cleaned house, nursed the baby, made two dresses (one for Bethany and one for Lydia), mopped the kitchen (even under the fridge!!), nursed the baby, swapped out the clothes in the kids' closets and drawers for the summer duds, folded 5 loads of laundry and washed 2 more, nursed the baby, unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen and then picked up the kiddos from preschool and played with them at the park for 2 hours and nursed the baby. We cooled off with smoothies and a movie, had dinner outside and they were in bed by the time Justin got home at 5:45. Busy day. Good day. I was way too tired to try and go to quilting at church. Oh well--I just ran out of superpower :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hindsight . . .

Hmmm. . . in hindsight maybe

Toddler+Chocolate Bar+Warm Car Ride Home isn't a good idea . . .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Filthy Fun

Oh my! What glorious weather! The children aren't napping, which isn't ideal, but it is a great excuse to spend hours and hours outside. This has to be the most absolutely fabulous time of year for me and the kids. None of us have allergies so it is just pure enjoyment of this glorious weather and the beautiful trees and flowers budding out.

Yesterday we got filthy. We tilled the garden, went "wormin'" and just played. We set up the tent, played sand, played on the swings and more. It was a blast. We ate lunch and dinner outside.
Who needs a hammock?
The bath water was muddy. I pulled an inch long piece of grass out of Lydia's nose. The baby had grass syains and dirt on her onesie. It was a good afternoon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Motherhood is not for the weak of heart!

This week has been killer.

Not sure if it is the time change or what but all three kiddos aren't sleeping. That means a very tired mommy AND daddy. For some reason the older two are getting up extremely early--4:30am early :( They are also up until at least 7pm each night because it is so light outside. Elijah has all but given up his nap and Lydia is only napping about 45 minutes. Not sure how MORE activity during the day is leading to less sleep at night, but I don't like it.

Don't even get me started on the baby. She is so much like Elijah it is scaring me. She is awake for hours during the day and generally takes a great afternoon nap. She'll sleep well (up every 2.5 or 3 hours) until 1 or 2 am then want to start her day. It sucks. There is no other word for it.

Last night I got less than ONE hour of sleep.

I hate this mostly because I am grouchy. I am sooooo tired. I am NOT the person who I want raising my children. I find myself yelling more and laughing less. I am trying with all my might to be a good mommy and a patient mommy and a consistant mommy. I am disappointing myself.

Lydia is on consta-whine from being tired.

Elijah is going through some kind of "evil" phase. I don't know how else to describe it--he will just run up to his sister and grab her hair and pull with all his might. He bit her to bleed the other day. He hits and kicks and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He just has this look in his eye that is pure hatred for me. I swear I don't know where this is coming from but I hope it is over soon.

I keep trying to remind myself I am going to miss these days and dealing with a whiny toddler is WAY better than dealing with a defiant teenager. It isn't working very well. I want a vacation day. I want to call in sick. But I don't. I keep on trucking. I try and keep us busy and doing fun stuff.

Today we tilled up the garden.

Last week we redid the downstairs bathroom.

I am crazy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Little Green Goblin Girlies

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That "new baby" smell . . .

Yesterday we were shopping at Target and an old lady came up to us and asked how old our baby was. Elijah proudly said: "Hers is zero!" then the old lady said, "Oh--I just love the way a little baby smells." Elijah looked at her and said "Hers smells like throw up!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Lydia!

It hard to believe it but my Lyddie-girl is two years old! Wow!

Lydia is amazing and sweet and so completely different than her brother.
Lydia loves princesses, getting her toenails painted, bows and dresses. She also loves to climb and build and play dinosaurs. She is a girly girl but boy can she hold her own. Lydia is sweet and snuggly, but only on her terms.
She likes to be held sometimes, usually when I am trying to nurse Bethany. Lydia doesn't like being a big sister all that much yet.
Lydia loves to play outside and swing. She is talking more and more every day.
At the moment, Lydia's favorite food is smoothies. She wants them every morning and every lunch. She is smoothie crazy. Doesn't matter what is in the smoothie as long as she gets to help and push the blender button.
Lydia also like Wiggles and Kidsongs. Lyddie doesn't much care for TV though and won't sit for a movie or show unless she is tired or eating a snack.
The terrible twos have hit Lydia hard. She bites, throws tantrums, hits and WHINES. Oh my--she is the biggest whiner! Sometimes I don't think she has spoken in anything but a whine from morning until night. It is soooo annoying! She even whines her "pleases" and "Thank yous"--she is very polite when she whines.
Lydia has been enjoying her preschool class two mornings a week. She absolutely loves childwatch at the gym. She's also got a older guy at the gym, Tom, who she runs and gives a hug every morning. He is a grandpa himself and just eats it up. She is adjusting to Sunday school, but doesn't like that the workers are different every week.
Lydia is still in a crib and still uses her paci and "lovey" at night. She loves that "lovey" and takes it everywhere.
Lydia, we love you girl! Can't imagine life without you.
Funniest quote of today:
Elijah, upon recieving a present from Granny and Grampy: "Oh yeah! Its my UN-happy birthday present"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come on Spring!!

The girls and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon outside while EJ napped. It was simply glorious yesterday! Bethany loved the warm weather and being out to hear and see and smell all the backyard stuff. She loves to watch puppy Bently run around.

Bethy and Lyddie had a great time on the swings together.


Hmmm. . . Lydia doesn't look too excited to get a popsicle outside in the swing does she??

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Two Months Bethy-Poo!

Bethany--you are two months old today! We can hardly believe it.
  • You coo a lot at the ceiling fan and your brother. Sometimes you coo at me and daddy. You usually cry when Lydia comes around. She is not gentile.
  • You smile the most at diaper changes--you love to be bottomless. You will happily lay for 5 or 10 minutes kicking around naked on your changing pad. You also smile a lot at ceiling fans.
  • You like baths as long as the water is very warm. You hate to be cold, but at bathtime it makes you absolutely furious!
  • You still love to be swaddled--tightly! You love to be warm warm warm! You don't need to be swaddled to sleep if you are snuggled up against me or daddy.
  • You sleep most of the night in your pack-n-play in our room. You still get up about every 2 or 2.5 hours to nurse. Usually around 3 or 4am you nurse and don't want to go back to sleep. I usually snug you down in bed with me and we snuggle until 6 or 6:30.
  • You can burp like a trucker and usually do a huge burp after nursing.
  • Speaking of gas--whoa baby! You have tons of it!
  • You are still napping about 4 times a day. Usually around 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm and 4:30pm for at least 45 minutes each time. Sometimes you will take a good nap at 1:30 and we all get a break. Those days are wonderful!
  • You prefer cloth diapers but hate to be wet in them.
  • You can roll over front to back and do it quite often when you've had enough tummy time. You can also roll to your side from your back and enjoy looking around.
  • You can really hold your head up well and push up on your arms and look around on tummy time.
  • You are our easiest baby by far! We can swaddle you and paci you and lay you down with some white noise and you go to sleep on your own. You also sleep well in the sling and in the car if you are fussy.
  • We will find out your weight tomorrow at the doctor for your 2 month visit. You are pretty chunky though and have little rolls on your thighs and an adorable round belly.