Friday, May 28, 2010


Lydia loves the Wiggles--she loves the cd in the car, videos on youtube and our dvds. She's also got a wiggle microphone and guitar thanks to yard sales. She has even inherited her brother's old wigglr shirt (thank you paci fairy).

She can name them all . . .
"Greg, Bethany, Jeff and Marry. Capa'sword, Wags-A-Dog and Dorthley-A-Dine-saur"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cuteness Afoot

Some serious cuteness has been going on at our house lately.

Elijah "babysitting" with a baby that actually sits :) Bethy and mommy enjoying th enew dragon pool. Bethy loved it!

Bedtime stories with daddy.

Mmmmm sweet potatoes!

Just one serously cute little girl!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My oh My how I like pie!

Not really, but the rest of the family does. Our refrigerator broke (again!!!) last Friday so we are using a teeny tiny dorm fridge for milk and our freezer. It is a challenge cooking without leftovers! Also surviving without yogurt or cheese--YIKES! anyway . . I digress. After yesterday's horribleness I decided some pie was in order so I made a peanut butter pie since that was the only frozen pie I could think of that I had the ingredients for. I had already turned off the computer and, since it takes 20 minutes or so to boot up and connect to the internet, I just made up a recipe for one (normally I look online for recipes).

Justin LOVED it--he said he doesn't have enough hands to give it the thumbs up it deserves. EJ gave it two thumbs up and Lydia cried after the beaters were empty and she couldn't lick anymore. So here it is--

Covey's PB pie

1 chocolate graham crust--2.5 cups of the chocolate bunnies from annies (or chocolate teddy bears would work too), 1 stick butter melted--squish up into crumbs, mix with butter and press into pie pan.

1 block cream cheese (I used low fat)
1.5 cup peanut butter (I used JIF)
1.5 cup powdered sugar
1 container cool whip, divided (I used low-fat)

Let cream cheese warm to room temperature. Mix with beaters on high with peanut butter until fluffy. Slowly add powdered sugar. Fold in half of the tub of whipped topping.
Spoon into the pie crust.
Top with remaining whipped topping.

Take it out about 15 minutes before you want to serve it to let the whipped topping thaw a bit.


I liked everything but the chocolate crust but I don't like chocolate. Justin thought the chocolate crust was wonderful.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yikes . . .

OK--so I just got booted off the nominee list for Mother of the Year after my day so far.
  • We went to Harris Teeter this morning where I let my kids eat a cookie at 7:30am to keep them quiet.
  • Then we went to Childwatch at the gym and they had to come and get me out of the shower because my little girl Lydia pooped in her pants and they needed me to clean her up. This is after they already cleaned up Bethany because she pooped everywhere and even took out the car seat :( So I took my soaking wet self into the bathroom, cleaned her up and grabbed the kiddos and took them to the dentist.
  • Elijah did great at the dentist. Lydia, despite all the practice and watching Elijah and saying she would cooperate, completely flipped out. So I pinned her arms down, laid back with her in my lap and told her to scream as loud as she could because at least then her mouth was open and they could do the cleaning and they could put on the flouride.
  • Came home and fed the over-tired, over-hungry baby who'd been acting like an angel despite the fact that she missed her nap and was 45 minutes late being fed. While she was nursing Lydia comes up and was kissing on her and then out of the blue bites the mess out of her foot--blood blister bite :( So I give Lydia a time out, try and calm the baby and swear under my breath.
  • Had a pretty un-eventful playdate until the end when Lydia pushed her little friend into the grill and then hit her on the head :(
  • Tried getting the kids down for nap and Lydia was jumping on the bed and then she reaches over and touches the bulb on the lamp. She starts screaming and there is a uge blister on her finger. I grab her up, soak it in soy sauce (miracle stuff!!), give her some advil and put her in bed. She's asleep before I even get the light off.
  • Bail on stories so I can feed the baby so I hooked Elijah up with some books on tape and told him to put himself to bed after three of them.

Yikes. . . .I hope the pace of the afternoon slows down and we can aviod any more injuries. What a Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When . . .

did my little Lydia turn into a little girl??

Today she told me:
"I already went pee-pee so I can just head straight for the car alright?"

Good night that's a HUGE sentance for a 2 year 2 month little girl. She's talking less and less like a baby everyday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bethany 4 Months--Late!

Again--I am late with the monthly update on our newest little angel. Keeping busy!

  • Bethy just started eating baby food. So far she loves cereal and yogurt. We started yogurt to help with a case of thrush and thankfully it has almost cleared up and I didn't get it and we managed to avoid giving the horrible anti-fungal medicine (the side effects are SCARY).

  • Bethy can sit up in a cloth diaper for about a minute, in a disposable about 5 seconds

  • Bethany loves her Johnny jump up and her exersaucer for about 10 minutes now. We can stretch her if the other children are messing with her.

  • Bethany can now ride on my hip in the sling--no more laying down for this chickie poo

  • We dedicated Bethany at church--picture above--and she wore my old christening gown from when I was a baby
  • Bethany is now going to the nursery at church and seems to like it
  • Bethany can roll around to get to where she wants
  • Bethany can see something and reach and grab for it. If she gets it it goes straight to the mouth.
  • Bethany loves chewing on her hands and her fingers but won't suck to soothe--she loves a paci for that
  • We just started Bethy on baby Zantac at night and it is a miracle drug--she is so much happier at night and has gone from getting up 5 or 6 times to getting up twice. She even slept 10 hours straight on Saturday night (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!)
  • Bethany is liking her sister more every day. She actually laughed at her the other day. This is a big change from crying every time Lydia talked to her a month ago.
  • Bethany takes three naps a day. She's up around 6:30, naps around 8:30 for 30 or 45 minutes. Naps around 11am for at least an hour and naps around 2:30 for two hours or so. She goes to bed around 6:30 or 7pm.

Hokey Pokey

Yesterday we were sitting outside at lunch and Lydia saw a spider web.
Lydia: "Look a 'pider web!" she fake shivers "ohhh--it give a hokey pokeys!"

me: laughing--"You mean heebie jeebies? The spider web gives you heebie jeebies when you touch it."

Lydia: "Yeah--a jeebies jeebies" Fake shivers again

Mother's Day

We didn't do much for Mother's day this year. My present was getting my tubes tied--got that done on Friday. We weren't sure how bad the recovery would be so we didn't plan anything. Turns out it is way easier to recover fromt than we were thinking--I was hurting pretty bad on Friday and indulged in a percoset (sp??) and slept the day away. Saturday, once it had cleared my system, I started nursing Bethy again and it was life as normal. I am a little sore on my belly button but that's it. Totally worth it! I haven't needed naything stronger than a tylenol since Friday afternoon.

Bethy did alright with daddy on Friday night, but Justin looked like death warmed over after getting up with her two times. That man is a bit spoiled when it comes to the sleeping through the night department. On Saturday the kids came home and we just hung out. Sunday we didn't go to church early for rehersal (I insisted--the past two years we have been there early and I didn't get so much as a "Happy Mother's Day" from my hubby so I told him this year we weren't going early and I wasn't chasing kids for an hour before service starts on MY day). Afterwards we came home, I made us some lunch and we napped and hung out.

Saturday night Bethany SLEPT from 6:30pm utnil 5:30 am with only one re-paci. SHE SLEPT THROUGHT THE NIGHT!!! It is amazing! We've never had a little one do that before. Unfortunatley Elijah had a nightmare and came in my room and I couldn't get him out because he fell alseep and wouldn't walk and I wasn't supposed to lift him. Justin didn't hear me calling over the monitor for help so I just tried to sleep with him in the bed. Tried was the operative word there--I got to experience every blessed second of my Mother's Day morning--I didn't miss a moment of it to sleep. He came in a bit before midnight. It came as no surprise to me on Sunday that he was AWFUL--he was tired. He ended up napping almost 4 hours.

The kids were excited to give me their glitter glue creations for Mother's day. They were so cute.

A GREAT friend (who has 4 kids including 4 month old twins!!) brought us dinner since I was supposed to be recovering. I felt a bit guilty accepting it but it was phenomenal!! IT was the most delicious baked spaghetti ever.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Yesterday while Lyddie and EJ were at preschool dad and I set up her "Big Girl Bed"--it is beautiful and if my camera battery weren't dead I would upload the pics--UPDATE--camera fixed. We really need the crib now that Bethany is mobile--she's rolling all over the place and the floor isn't hacking it anymore. She overheats too much in the pack and play.

She loves it. We put on princess sheets and everything. She and EJ played on it, jumped on it, wrestled on it for about 30 minutes before naps. I put EJ in his room for quiet time and tried to get Lyddie to sleep in her bed. She loved being able to get up and get out. I fought about an hour--I kept putting her back in bed. About 50 times I think. She emptied all the wipes. She wedged herself between the bed and the wall. She kept coming to the top of the stairs. But it worked--she napped about 30 minutes and got up.

Last night I was prepared for another huge battle but when we tucked her in we told her to stay until her alarm light was on and we'd see her in the morning. That is IT. She lay down, fell asleep and stayed in her bed until this morning at 6:30 am. She didn't fall out or trash the room. Its a miracle.

Bethy is napping in her crib now. She loved the crib.

We'll start keeping her in there at night if she starts sleeping, until then she's in our room on the floor. At night she's pretty good. Its naps where she rolls everywhere.

I can't believe my little girl is in a big girl bed. Both kids have been so easy with the potty training and the move to a big kid bed. I may not be good at everything when it comes to mothering but I got those two nailed!

On Handy Manny . . .

This morning we were watching alittle Handy Manny while I fed the baby and Elijah asks:

Elijah: "Mom--why does Handy Manny say "Fun Testicles"?"

Me--trying to keep a straight face--: "Sweetie--he's saying 'fantastico'"

EJ: "oh"

Another cute one--while they were drinking HOT chocolate when it 90 degrees out and I suggested making some nice cold chocolate milk--
EJ: "Mom--we can't drink COLD chocolate--that would freak out our taste buds!"