Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7:45 am

and before you ask . . .

yes that IS a popsickle that Lydia is eating--three bowls of Raisin Bran, a bowl of fruit and a popsicle all before 8am!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Remedies

I love home remedies--you know like honey for a cough and soy sauce for a burn. Lately though I have found the following to be true:

1) Sleep--If you have a baby that is sleeping you can do the following to ensure they will awake:
  • a) try and go to sleep yourself--the ultra-high frequency sound of a mommy's eyelids closing seems to wake all three of our children
  • b) pour a bowl of cereal and add milk--something about the crunching is loud enough to wake even the soundest slumber, even if you are all the way downstairs in the kitchen

2) Bowel Movements--If your kid hasn't pooped you can try the following

  • a) Nurse the baby--this worked much better a few months ago but I am still wiping tushies at least twice a day while there is a baby on my nipple
  • b) Put them down for a nap or to bed--this is a guaranteed stall tactic for both older kiddos

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Berry Beautiful Little Girl

Not Me Monday!

I most certainly haven't been taking my children to the park at 7am in an effort to tire them out so that they will take naps and so that we can avoid this horrible heat. Nope, at 7am I have NOT already been up for at least two hours, my children actually sleep past 5am most days.

I also haven't put up the baby gate to keep the two year old in her room during "nap" time just so I have some peace of mind. Nope-not me! I have children who obey me and who actually nap during naptime instead of destroying the entire upstairs.

I have not told my three year old: "If I hear you say 'butt' one more time I am going to spank yours!" this week several times in an effort to curb the potty talk. My well mannered boy would never say things like butt, tushie,poop and barf just for a good laugh.

I also didn't send my two year old to the garden this morning when she said she was hungry for the tenth time. I didn't say: "Go eat some berries and tomatoes if you are still so hungry." I also didn't find her out there eating a zucchini while it was still on the ground connected to the plant. Nope, the only nibblers in our garden are the bunnies.

I didn't lie to the children and say there was no pie left because I wanted it all for myself. Nope--I always share desserts with the kids. I also didn't post a picture of said pie on facebook and realize later that there was a big bottle of breastmilk in the pump sitting next to said pie. No--I am way too classy to show off my freshly-expressed goods.

I also haven't been giving my children diluted sweet tea for the past two days because I am out of juice and just haven't gotten around to getting any from the store. I also didn't feed them a lunch of frozen peas, frozen corn, a slice of cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers and some canned fruit because there was nothing left in the house. I am way too good a planner for that!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elijah on Hygene

The other day it was naptime. We'd been playing in the garden and taken a walk and done laundry and I was sweaty and the kids were nasty. I rinsed them in the showed before nap and started to lay them down. Elijah wanted snuggles. This is what he siad:
"Mom--what's that smell, is that your breath?"
Me: "Yeah--we had garlic at lunch"
Elijah: Flipping upside down in bed to snuggle my legs instead--"I am going to snuggle you this way. No I'm not. Your whiskers are poking me and your feet are stinky too. I think I'll just nap without snuggles today."

Oh baby! Made me feel like a nasty mommy! Needless to say I brushed my teeth and rinsed off while the older two were napping. I didn't want daddy to come home to a garlic breath-stinky footed-prickle monster.

Summer Dryer

Diapers out on the line . . .
You know its summer in NC when you can hang out laundry and it dries quicker on the line than in the dryer. I hung towels yesterday in the 100+ heat and the first towel was almost dry by the time I hung the last one up.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Grampy and I took the kids to the pool yesterday and that gave me a spare pair of eyes so I snapped some quick pics of EJ swimming. I can't believe he is almost 4 years old!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elijah on Vegetables

Yesterday my little boy was a bottomless pit. He had 2 bowls of cereal, a banana, some mango, some oranges and milk for breakfast. Graham crackers and peanut butter for a snack. Yogurt, a kiwi, more mango, a string cheese and juice at lunch. After eating all that he said he was still hungry. I asked him what he wanted . . .
"Mom! I need some vegetables. I am wearing this muscle shirt and I can already see my muscles shrinking because I haven't eaten my veggies today."

Me: "What would you like?"

Elijah: "What are my options mom?"

He ended up choosing a cucumber and frozen peas (and his little sissy copied). The repair guy came in to find both kids licking peas off the table (they like to blow them to one another because they roll) and chomping on cucumbers. He was quite impressed.

He followed that up with a fruit smoothie for his afternoon snack and then macaroni and cheese, a couple of slices of cheese, apple slices, a peach yogurt, milk to drink and blackberries dipped in a bit of sugar for dinner.

That child out-ate ME today. What am I going to do when he's a teenager?

My little "muscle-man" just cracks me up. How blessed am I to have children that enjoy their vegetables and actually ask for them?? I mean, for dinner Monday night we had a tossed salad with spinach leaves and they both inhaled the whole thing? Crazy good stuff :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A is For . . .

Adorable Avocados
"C" is for Crawling--at 5 1/2 motnhs!!
"M" is for messy--this is the mess the kids made the other day during "quiet" time. It was SO not worth the 20 minute nap I got to take. It took us 2 hours to clean it up.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our of the mouth of moms . . .

You might be the mother of a toddler if you find yourself saying any of the following:

"Yes you can wear the horsey costume to Walmart but you have to put on panties first."

"Don't lick the baby."

"Get the ice pack out of your underpants . . . I don't care if it makes your tushie cold."

"Don't put your butt on your sister."

"Don't pee on your sister--I don't care if it splashed off her and back in the potty--that's nasty!"

Literal Lydia

Tonight at the dinner table Lydia had a bad case of the "No's" Any mommy of a toddler knows what that is. Anyway, Justin had had enough of her and said:
"Lydia I don't want to hear you tell me 'no' again."

She looks at him and whispers it as quietly as she can:
"no--" Then says, "I quiet and you can't hear it"

The rest of the night, anytime we asked her a question and the answer was no she would whisper it very very quietly or just shake her head no.

Kinda reminds me of the time a few months ago when Elijah wouldn't nap and he was being wild in his room. I went up for the umteenth time and told him:
"I don't want to hear you messing around up here anymore." and then I left. I came downstairs and all of a sudden the monitor got staticky where he had turned off his piece. I went upstairs to find him jumping onthe bed. He looked completely surprised to see me and said:
"I turned off the monitor mom, that way you don't have to hear me being wild."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elijah on Love

I interviewed the kids about their daddy for Father's day. Elijah's answers were funny but the coup de gras was his answer to the following question: How do you know daddy and mommy love each other?

"Because he kisses her and licks inside her mouth and she doesn't bite him."

Ahh . . . paints such a romantic picture doesn't he ?

I'm Gonna Curse You Out!

Elijah and Lydia love one another but since they are spending ALL thier time together they have been arguing and fighting a bit more. I miss preschool. Anyway--I have been reminding them that they are each other's blessings.

Me: "Remember--God gave you to each other to be blessings. That means you are to play nicely and love on one another. God didn't give you to one another to be a curse."

Elijah:" What's a curse."

Me: "A curse is something bad. God meant for your sister to be something good in your life."

Elijah: "Oh"

A while later he comes running into the room:

Elijah: "Mom! Lydia is cursing at me!"

Me: "What is she doing?"

Elijah: "Her's is cursing--hers is pulling my hair. Go tell her to be my blessing and quit it."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mean Mama

Last night I got about 40 minutes of sleep. Not good. Between the baby nursing every 2.5 hours, getting up with EJ to help him poop, getting up with Lydia to help her poop and the older two getting up and being loud before 5am I am NOT well rested. I was really counting on a nap today. Unfortunatley the older two have other plans. I am listening to them now over the baby monitor in Lydia's room. After an hour of solitude and going up countless times I told them they could have "quiet' time in Lydia's room together. I am dreading going in there.

They have emptied every single drawer on the floor to make a "volcano for mean mommy to trip over." They are up there just giggling and I just heard Elijah say:
"We're going to get it trouble but lets go ahead and do it and just take our consequence." I am just letting them do it and I am praying for patience and strength to be loving. Those children are going to clean up that mess they made if it takes them until bed time.

I am going through a bible study now and Elijah's comment is making me think. How often do we do something that we know is wrong or sinful because it is fun or easy? I know that there are times that I do it. I think to myself, well, it is just so much easier to repent later and ask for forgiveness than to do the right thing. God will forgive me for whatever I do wrong. Seventy times seven he says in his word. The blood of Jesus covers all. Now granted, I generally make a big effort to live my life and not sin. My biggest vice is lying. Whether it is about someones appearance, what I did, making an excuse. All those little "white" lies truly add up. When did I stop fearing God--the same God who tested Job by taking all that was precious, that turned someone into a pillar of salt because they disobeyed, who killed the entire population of the earth with a giant flood?? God is not my buddy--God is my GOD. He is my CREATOR. He controls everything in my life and I need to respect him and stop trying to get away with stuff. He is omnicscient, omnipresent and omnipotent--he knows all my thoughts, all my actions and can see everything I do.

If you aren't a believer I don't care if I just offended you. God created you too. God loves you. God is going to judge you and hold you to the same standards whether or not you believe in him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Things are going well. I am in a constant fuzz from no sleep so the blog is falling WAY behind.

We had a busy and fun weekend. We went out to an organic farm and the kids gathered 2 dozen eggs. They both reached under a chicken and they thought it was great. We got blue, pink and brown eggs and brought a dozen home. When I suggested scrambled eggs EJ said: "That's gross mom--that came out of a chickens butt." Um yeah . . . where do the eggs we normally buy come from? "The store" Lydia was awesome at teh farm. She didn't like the smells at first but warmed up to the baby goats and even let them suck her fingers. We will definately be going back when it isn't 100 degrees!!

We are going to the pool when daddy is there to help us. I haven't yet ventured out solo. I am sure it is just a matter of time--we'll probably try it this week or next. The kids are just so fast and the baby still nurses frequently. I just need to do it and once I have the confidence it will be OK. Right now it is just fear of the unknown. Lydia is going under "like a mermaid" and Elijah is just crazy. He won't jump in the deep yet but it is just a matter of time. He is already swimming around under the water.

I went to the dentist and got 7 cavities filled. Throwing up for 7 months did a number on my teeth. After EJ I remember I had 4 cavities and ended up having to get a crown and a root canal on one. I am so glad we are done having kids--every pregnancy is hard on my teeth! I only have 8 teeth (the four front ones on top and bottom) with no fillings. EVERY SINGLE other tooth has had a cavity due to a pregnancy. How crazy is that??!!

A week or so ago I cut off about 3 inches from Lydia's hair. I was so sick of leg-locking her to get the brush through. Now she is sporting a "bob" and it is adorable. The curls are so bouncy now and they don't tangle nearly as bad. Its too short for a full ponytail but she can still rock the piggy tails :)

Funny lydia-ism: "avi-o-wheats" are raviolis and they are disgusting according to her. And she sings to me: "Baby Aluga in a deep blue seat. Swims so wild and swims with feet. Heaven above and seats beloat. A little white whale on a goat."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Beware--Bloodsucking Tomatoes!

Last week I was snuggling Lydia, trying to get her to nap, and we had the following conversation:
Lydia: "Ouch mommy! That's itchy! Don't skatch it"
Me: "What's itchy."
Lydia: "Ight dere--that tomato bite." and she shows me the mosquito bite on her leg.
Me: "Oh that mosquito bite--can you say mosquito?"
Lydia: "Posqueeto--posqueetos make me itchy."

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pool Fun

Granny went with us to the pool this afternoon. HAving one adult for each child makes the outing a ton of FUN!!! Here's granny with the girls. I know what you're thinking and the answer is no--those glasses couldn't be any bigger. :) A picture of me!! I know I can hardly believe it. I don't think I have a picture of me in the pool last summer.

Jump-master Elijah. Can I just say how awesome my WATERPROOF digital camera is??
Even Bethy got in on the fun--she was a good sport and had a good time even though daddy ended up dunking her by accident.

Motor boat motor boat go so fast! Lydia ate and whined for about the first hour but eventually got in the pool and had a blast.
On daddy's shoulders "in the deep"

I just love this one--the spash is so neat!

Mommy and Bethy.

Elijah jumping off.


Bethy loves her "new" jumparoo that Granny got her yard sailing this morning.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Cutie Patootie!

We got a new "tummy time" blanket from a good friend of ours. It was a hit with Bethany (and the others). She is so cute and can really lift herself up and she'll pivot on her tummy and do a 360 to get pointed where she wants. She is so proud of herself.

Then we took the blanket outside--its thick and washable--and she loved being under our tree out front and seeing all the birds.

. . . and snacking on her toes :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lydia on Bethany's Screaming

Bethany is screaming in the back seat because she isn't happy in the carseat. Elijah is pitching his own fit because music time at the library was over before he was ready and he had an all out tantrum up front and hit his lip on the steering wheel. He was coated in blood and so was I and so was most of the front seat.

Than I hear Lydia:
"Bethy-No Ma'am! That's enough!"
a minute later she says:
"OK Missy--I've had about all I can take of that attitude."
a minute later she says:
"Bethy! Do you want mommy to pull over and adjust your attitude?"

Thankfully we got home a minute later and Bethy was a much happier camper being outside in the swing. Elijah chilled out with a popsicle for his mouth boo-boo. Lydia got some much needed quiet and a popsicle too for putting up with her siblings.

I am so glad I don't curse!! It would be parroted back to me in no time!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bethy-5 months picture

Bethany is (almost) 5 months!!

In two days the littlest miss is going to be 5 months old.
Doesn't seem like its been that long since we've had her. I think the "worst" is over--I am pretty confident as a mom of three. Definately have nursing and our schedule down. We can make it places on time and do errands with no problems.

  • Bethany is now siting up!! She has gone up to 8 minutes solo. It is wonderful because she can sit and play with her toys and is much more content.
  • Bethany is eating really well. She loves yogurt, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and cheerios. She also likes bananas.
  • When Bethany isn't really hungry she will eat a bite then shove her hand in there and mush it around and wind up with most of it everywhere. When she's hungry for food she'll just eat it.
  • Bethany loves to chew her fingers and hands and toes. She loves her feet.
  • Lately Bethany has been fighting sleep. She can't be calmed or consoled. I just lay her down, she cries for a minute, plays for a few minute, cries one or two times then is out like a light. Most of the time she's falling asleep without a paci!
  • Bethany is still up from 3-5 times a night :( She isn't miserable though like beofre, she is up, eats and then out again.
  • Bethany goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8pm generally and is up around 5:30 or 6am.
  • Bethany likes a little nap (30 minutes) in the morning around 7:30 or 8pm. She takes a 45 minute nap mid-morning and a 1 to 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • Bethany is so good natured. She is over her mommy-itis and really enjoys childwatch and the nursery at church.
  • Bethany will not take a bottle at all :(
  • She is drooling and chewing like crazy but no teeth yet
  • We've heard her repeat "mama" "more" and "good" but she isn't using them in context yet--just parroting back what we say so we aren't counting it as her first official word.