Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Whole Tooth

Bethany finally has her first tooth and the other one is right behind it. The 9 times I was up with her last night makes me wish they would go ahead and come on through, the really sore spots on my girls makes me wish they would never come in. I hate nursing toothy babes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Odd Baby Out

Which one of these things is NOT like the others?

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Poopy Girl

Today EJ and Lydia were wound up from McDonalds and I knew a nap wouldn't happen. They were put in Lydia's room for quiet time. They were quiet. When the dolphin light came on EJ came running that Lydia had poop on her hands. Great, I thought she pooped in her undies and she was messing with it. Oh no. It was far worse than that. She had emptied the diaper pail--the one that gets emptied every Tuesday for trash day--of the full weeks diapers. Now Lydia has this horrible habit of pooping in her diaper first thing in the morning so there were at least 6 poopy diapers in there. EVERY SINGLE poopy diaper had been opened and used by Lydia to smear on EVERY surface in her room. Sheets, pillows, loveys, dresser drawers, rocking chair, herself, the bed rail and the carpet. Elijah didn't have a lick on him which leads me to believe he was the encourager. He knows it was wrong. She should have known since she's been corrected for smearing the contents of a diaper in her bed before.

Let me just say that I think her room is going to smeel like a public toilet for a long while. I scrubbed, I used elbow grease up the wazoo but with EJ's sensitivities we can't use air freshers and I don't want to risk the strong odor of carpet cleaner. I used some vinegar but it is still awful.

If you are supposed to come on Saturday for EJ's party bring some vicks to smear under your nose or something. Poop+100 degree weather+no commercial cleaners equals a NASTY house smell.

I was amazed at the calmness I was given. God calmed me down and kept me from going bonkers on the kiddos. I calmly cleaned Lydia up, stripped them both and put them downstairs. I stripped the bed and started the laundry. I cleaned up all the other surfaces the best I could with hot water and vinegar and rags. Thank the Lord the baby decided to take a long nap. I went down and clothed the naked kids then disciplined them calmly. We all prayed together.

I am praying that NEVER happens again.

My Boy

I'm brimming with pride at my little boy. I try and teach him to share and be nice yadda yadda yadda. What mom doesn't think that it goes in one ear and out the other sometimes. These past two weeks with im on chlorine have been brutal and I'd almost forgotten the little boy that he CAN be. He is almost back to his normal self--less hiting, less biting, less screaming.

Today we met granny at McDonalds so he and lydia could run around and get some bugs out. He got a wolverine toy (so did Lydia) in the happy meal. He liked it well enough but was really hoping for a spiderman. As we were getting ready to leave the little two year old boy next to us opened his toy and had a spiderman. Elijah went up with his wolverine and asked if he wanted to trade. The little boy didn't and Elijah just handed over his Wolverine and said:
"You can have it forever. You don't need to swap. I have my two sissys to play with and my sissy Lydia got Wolverine too so we'll share that one. You only have toys to play with so you can have my Wolverine forever."

What a generous heart he has. I thought it was so sweet that he considers his sisters better than toys and was sorry for this little boy because he didn't have any sisters to play with.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dresses and Dreaming

Here are the dresses I made for the girls on the hangers. Hoping they will wear them to church on sunday. I made Bethy's tonight and it was so simple. I was actually kinda impressed that they ended upmatching so well considering it was my own pattern and I ended up tracing the baby's outline on a sheet of paper to get the size right since she doesn't have any cute dresses that fit.
Elijah was supposed to be napping today and he was just laying there with his eyes open. I told him to shut his eyes and nap and he says:
"Mom--I was dreaming already. My dream was just an open-eyes kinda dream." Supressing a laugh I told him that was creepy and to dream with his eyes sut for naptime :)

Dresses, shelves and bread--BUSY day

OK--yesterday I felt like I was having a pretty good day. I hung some pegs in the girls room and brought the pegs that were upstairs down to the playroom and hung them. It involved power tools, wall anchors and a level. I did it while all three kids were awake and "helping" me so I felt pretty good. We then made bread. We poured in all the ingredients and then added the yeast.

EJ: What's that mommy?
Me: That's yeast--it makes the bread rise.
EJ: What's 'rise' mean?
Me: Get fluffy with the little bubbles (then I pulled out a slice of bread and showed him the little holes)
EJ: How does it do that?
Me: Well--yeast are like little bugs and they eat the sugar and the flour and make the bubbles.
EJ: What do they make the bubbles with?
Me: Well--it is thier poots. They poot out the bubbles and the bread rises.
EJ: Oh--no wonder I don't like bread very much.

Later at dinner he told us he didn't want any poot bread. *sigh*

We made cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread and just plain yeast rolls with the dough. It was coming out of the oven just as Justin got home.

After getting the kids in bed and cleaning up the disaster that always results from trying to make bread (and dinner) with three small children, we sat down and I got out a piece of newspaper and some fabric and made up a pattern for a dress for Lydia and sewed it. I am going to make a matching one for Bethany tonight but I need one of her dresses that fit her so I know about how big to make it. I am going to take a beach photo of the girls matching but the dresses will probably debut at church on Sunday so I hope to have a picture then. The dress turned out pretty cute and it only took me the commercial breaks of one CSI to sew the entire thing so it is pretty easy.

Justin looked kinda skeptical at first when he saw me with the news paper and some fabric. I don't think he expected the dress to turn out cute at all. He always seems kinda impressed/overwhelmed when he sees me doing a pattern and sewing. He says that he would NEVER be able to take all those little pieces of paper and fabric and turn them into anything--let alone a dress or a costume. I have to say I really like the fact that I have gotten to the point where I feel pretty confident sewing without a pattern to go by and just winging it. I do so enjoy to sew :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Glad . . .

I am so glad today was the last day of swim lessons. EJ has made great progress (though he only went in the deep for ONE day of lessons so I am really disappointed in that). He can now float on his back unassisted, he can swim across the whole of the shallow end unassisted and he is a pro on a noodle. The beach ought to be a blast this year with him. I am glad that he made progress because the YMCA pool chemicals have affected him the same way food dyes seem to. He is a MONSTER. I have bite marks on my back where he has bitten me and I have countless bruises on my arms from his outbursts and tantrums. He has been defiant and throwing tantrums and beating up on me and his sissies. He has had more discipline these past two weeks than in the past two months preceeding lessons. He has not ben sleeping soundly and has been generally irratable. The pool we normally go to doesn't seem to bother him in this way thank goodness. I debated even keeping him in lessons but he is so strong willed and has such a desire to obey OTHERS that he made more progess in two weeks than he would have in the whole summer with me. That and I cannot teach him while I have the girls--not enough mommy to go around.

So--one or two days of detox and I will have my little boy back :) I can't wait !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bathtime Beauties

Pureed mango and mango salsa led to some sticky girls. Naturally after seeing Beth having a good time in the sink Lydia wanted in on the action.

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Mama" I am not

OK--so now Bethany only says "mama" when she sees that mama milk is coming. I start to lift my shirt and she starts panting and going "mamamamamamama." At least she only does it for me :)

This morning at breakfast she was pounding her little fist on the tray and yelling "More" (no more "bor"). We need to work on that girl's manners I think but it is so funny to watch.

She also started signing "milk" yesterday when she was thirsty. She wanted her cup of water, not milk though.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Swim lessons are going great. Ej is obedient and wonderful for his instructors. Lydia is having much more fun now that she is in the baby pool for the lesson. He is "leaps" and bounds beyond where he was last year.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Free the Three

With only three weeks to go until he turns four Elijah has stopped saying he is "free" years old and now says he is "three" years old. It makes me sad he can say it right now. At least he still says:
"Hers is named baby Beffany"
He's already growing up too fast.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

We have a talker!

Bethany started saying "Mama" today--not sure if she knows its me but she kept yelling it when she saw me today. She picked it up on the way to the spray park. She was back there babbling and "mama" came out. The older kids started yelling that she was talking and kept saying mama again and again to her. She loved the attention it got and started saying just "mama" again and again. It was cute but I was really ready to get teh spray park after hearing:

"Bethany--MAMA--MAMA-sayit MAMA MAMA"
And Bethany: "mamamamamamamamamama"
"Mom Her's talking--her's says mama now!"

On constant repeat for 20 minutes.

She has been saying "Bor!" (More) when I am feeding her for about a week now. Little Chow hound!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

6 Months Check Up

Bethy is 15 lbs even and in the 25% for height and weight. She's a petite perfect little girl. She screamed for 30 minutes in the waiting room (the Dr. was running late and naptime had to be skipped) then fell asleep for a 5 minute snack nap and woke up chipper and happy as a clam. She was such a good girl! The doctor can see her two bottom teeth under the gum and says we should be seeing them within the next few weeks. We'll see--after EJ's biting incident I am not eager to have a baby with teeth again :) She demonstrated her rolling, rocking and crawling for the doctor while trying to escape the physical exam on the table. The only skill she didn't show off was pulling up to stand, which she can do very easily now. The doctor was teasing that she is going to be walking into her 9 month appointment. I hope so, for Bethy's sake, that she is walking sooner rather than later. The house is already baby proofed, she is already mobile . . .might as well bring on the walking!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

P is for . . .

Prunes . . . YUM!
Pulling up to stand . . .
Precious grin . . .

Plums at the Pool!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bethany is 6months!!

Wow! Half a year already spent with our newest little angel. She is a sweetheart and a baby on the go! Here is what she's up to:
  • Bethany is now NOT eating at night--we did cry it out last week because she was up 6-7 times a night. She is sleeping much better and has even slept through the night twice now. Normally she is needing a paci/pat in the middle of the night and eating at 5 or 5:30am after going to bed around7 or 7:30pm. The whole house is benifiting from this new habit.
  • Bethany is a chow hound--she loves food!! She likes zucchini and tomatoes out of the garden. She loves butternut squash and sweet potatoes. She is great on a sippy cup with water. She doesn't like it with juice. She will yell if you aren't coming with the food fast enough. She likes puffs and plain cheerios and biter biscuits. I usually make her food but she does get some jarred stuff--especially prunes every other day. The kids call it "prune pudding" and I have to beat Lydia off. Both my girls love it.
  • Bethany is queen of the snack naps. She takes about 3 or 4 45 minute naps a day and no long ones.
  • Bethany is a baby on the go. She rolls/army crawls all over to get to what she wants. She's pulled to stand a few times. She is constantly on all fours rocking and has made two or three true crawling motions but nothing consistant.
  • Bethany loves her new stand alone jumper--no more underdogs!
  • Bethany is great at grabbing whatever she wants and it goes straight to the mouth.
  • Bethany is sitting up now through just about anything. She can ride in the wagon, go in the baby swing at the park, sit in an umbrella stroller and sit and play rough with her brother and sister.
  • Bethany has mastered the art of the overhand throw--this morning she woke me up by throwing a paci from her crib to my bed and hitting me in the head.
  • Right now the funniest thing I can do is whistle. It will stop her from a screaming fit. She will just start smiling and laughing. I love it!
  • Bethany loves her brother--he can get her to laugh better than anyone. She is constantly rolling over to get to him. Lydia is also growing on her more and more. They play and take baths together really nicely.
  • Bethany will suck on the two middle fingers on her right hand or a paci. In the middle of the night she prefers a paci but if she can't find it the fingers make do.