Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sopping Soaking

So our activity during the rain was making energy bars. Energy bars?? What was I thinking. Yeah--let's feed the kids sugary energy bars packed with protien then coop them up in the house for the first rainy day in forever? Not a good plan. Before I knew it the older two had run out the door in the downpour to puddle jump. They were literally soaked to the skin. Bethy got a lesson from big brother about splashing
Double teaming her

Happy baby!

She was soaked through too--she loved it--splashing with her hands. Then she lost her balance and fell backwards in a puddle. The icy cold water down her back ended her fun and we bailed on the puddles.

The proud little stander--she will stand on her own for a second or two but I wouldn't let her on the driveway.

Wild girl

After lunch and naps the kids wanted to play on the screen porch while I cleaned up the kitchen and started dinner. I looked out the window and they were in the back yard playing on the slide. They got so wet and cold! We took some energy bars to our neighbor and the kids played for an hour in the rain. I had to bring them in, put them in the warm shower and dress them in flannel pjs. They sipped warm cider with whipped cream to warm up and ended up eating yogurt for supper since I had been out playing with them and hadn't cooked dinner. Fun day :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I thought my life would be different than it is.
I never planned on having children. I never planned on having a husband. When I was little I would play hospital and be the doctor. In college I was pre-med. I ran with EMS.

Then I "got saved." Suddenly my life wasn't about me, it was supposed to be about Him. What's one of the first things He did? Gave me Justin. We started dating about 4 months after I got saved. We got married 2 years after that. What?? I am a wife now.

I didn't want to do a residency. I didn't want sleepless nights and years and years of schooling. I wanted to be a wife. I wanted to cook and clean and take care of our home. I wanted to go to church and Sunday School and be involved in ministry at church. So I started my Masters degree because I didn't want to be pre-med and I didn't have anything better to do.

The God tested us. Justin lost his job at Christmas. Just a few months into our marriage we were forced to move to Wilson to live with his parents. I commuted 2 hours to Chapel Hill to do my research and finish my degree. It was tough. It was trying. I couldn't be the wife I wanted. I missed our church and our friends. I was living with my in-laws. We went from a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo of our own to a 2 bedroom 1 bath house with Justin's parents.

I was NOT happy. I was very vocal about NOT being happy. I complained a LOT. I am NOT proud of how I acted. It was childish, selfish and very UN-Godly. I could have been a support to my husband but I tore him down. I was tired. I hated commuting. I already missed the life that I could have had. I think I failed that test with flying colors. "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. " Romans 8:28 Thankfully, the relocation led us to Wilson and to Peace Church. We slowly made friends and got involved in this new church.

We got jobs.
We bought a house.

I loved my new job. Travel, technology, Deaf culture, sign language, awesome Godly co-workers. We actually prayed together as a staff. Yeah--a State office praying. It was wonderful. Then we got pregnant with Elijah--four years ahead of our plan. Our plan was to keep using my salary to pay off the house so we'd be mortgage free by the time we had a kid. God had other plans. What?? Now I am a mother.

I quit my job at 38 weeks. I had Elijah at 41 weeks. I haven't slept since. We've had three kids in three years. I have been pregnant or nursing since November of 2005. That's crazy.

I've had highs and lows. This is a low.

I don't know how to discipline Elijah. He wears me out. Lydia is picking up his bad habits plus some of her own. Yesterday I was completely on the brink of just losing it. The kids were awful at lunch and dinner. They bit, hit, screamed all day. I had to discipline Elijah at Grandmama's house because he scratched and bit me as I was buckling him in. I was just beyond tired and frustrated. I prayed a LOT. I prayed out loud in the car. I prayed over the children as they napped. I prayed laying in bed last night trying to sleep as the screaming baby was up for the 5th time.

I never imagined I would be wiping 4 tushies a day. I never imagined I would constantly be thinking about who will eat what with no fuss as I struggle to come up with healthy menus for the week. I never imagined I would need a shoe-horn to get all three kids in the back of a subaru.

I also never imagined how wonderful it is to be loved like this. Unconditionally. It does't matter if I haven't shaved or showered or brushed my teeth--my kids still want to be all over me. Sometimes its annoying but I try and enjoy it. Little hugs, kisses and snuggles. The constant request for "just one more minute" or "just one more song."

I know how much I love my children. What its hard for me to imagine is that God's love for me is even stronger than this. I know that I would die to save my kids from harm. God actually did it. I don't care if my kids have blue eyes and blond ringlets or hazel eyes and bed head--I am just glad they are mine. God is SO in love with me that he picked out my eyes and my hair and even knows how many hairs I've got. He knows how many are still brown and how many turn grey every day.

Yeah--my life is different than I thought it would be. Even though I am at a low right now I know that I will soon be able to look back and see that Romans is true: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I've got three little unexpected blessings running around. God is good. Always.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Even Bethany's hair was excited about having bananas for breakfast :)
Daddy and his little angels. We woke him up on Sunday morning with some serious snuggles.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The parking lot at Fort Macon

Aunt Paula and Bethany

The rocks on Fort Macon

Beachy girl!

Toisnot park--rock climber girl

Cutest Picture EVER!

Terrorizing the geese

Feeding the geese

Uncle Cody and Beth

Kiddies, Adas and Cinderella

Yesterday we visited uncle Cody for the first time in ages. Lydia and Elijah had fun with thier furry cousins and Bethany learned to say "kiddie" and she crawled after that poor cat and said it over and over again. Later, we headed out to feed ducks where Bethany started saying "a-da qua qua qua" (A duck . . . quack quack quack). It was a talking day for that girl. We walked over to a playground and Lydia scaled the rock wall like a pro. Elijah couldn't do it but she just climbed right up. That girl is 1/2 monkey.

Today nana and papa are out taking the kids to the air show. Justin and I were planning on doing it like last year but last night they called ans asked if they could take them. I asked Lydia if she wanted Nana to take her and she said:
Lydia: "No . . I rather Cinderella take me a Air Show."
Me: "Cinderella? "
Lydia: "Yeah--her a princess mommy. She my favorite!"
Me: "Well, Cinderella isn't a choice. Its me and daddy, or nana and papa."
Lydia: "Nana can wear a crown and a wand--a costume. She a Cinderella costume and take me."

Nana took her, but she didn't wear a costume.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beachin' it

Had a great weekend at the beach with the kiddos. We went down Friday and came back yesterday. It was great to get to see my aunt and cousin (whom I haven't seen in 2 years). The kids had fun. Sunday we went to the beach and almost got eaten alive by the biting flies. The kids got to see some starfish that had washed up and another kid found. They were orange and purple . . .pretty cool. We found a dolphin vertebrae in the surf too. The waves were kickin and there were lots of surfers.
We went for Fort Macon park to go in the water and it was great. The entire parking lot had flooded to about knee deep due to Saturday nights 5+ inches of rain. coming back from the beach we bypasses the freezing cold showers and let the kids rinse in the parking lot puddles. It was like the world's biggest baby pool and they loved it. We stayed there 45 minutes walking and splashing around. I decided rain puddles were clean enough and we brought the kids home and put them to bed. We're going on the "hygene princlple" here--having dirt and germs on you keeps your defenses up. That's how I justify tucking filthy children into bed at night :)
We stayed up too late talking and Lydia kept coming downstairs. She finally fell asleep after 9pm so she was just plain grouchy on Monday. We made it back without incident but found out that last night my parents hit a deer coming home from the beach. Boo! At least they are alright, although we can't say the same for the "big red truck" as the kids call it.
Pics to follow as soon as I have time and can find the camera and my cord.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dead guys and Elijah

So one of my coworkers recently lost her husband. We went over last week to hand deliver our sympathy cards and offer a meal for this week. Elijah said to me last week:
"Mom--I know she is sad but I bet her husband is having a lot of fun in the clouds with Jesus."

So today I told him we were taking a meal to Karen and he said:
Elijah: "Oh-- can I hold the baby??" (can you tell we do a lot of meals for people who've just had babies??"
me: No baby--this is the family who lost their grampy. Remember he died?
Elijah: "Oh yeah . . . well I DON't want to hold the dead guy."

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy 8 Months!

Bethany is 8 months old today.
Wow! Time flies. She is not a baby anymore.
  • She is a crawler--fast. She can do what we call "all-terrain baby" and crawl over just about any obstacle the house has to offer . . . toys, couch cusions, brother, sister, stairs!
  • She crawled up the whole flight of stairs today for the first time.
  • She loves her mama milk and still nurses at least 5 or 6 times during the day and twice at night.
  • She is no where close to sleeping through the night and now, instead of crying, she'll pull up to stand and throw paci's at me and say "mama" to get me to get her.
  • Some days she eats a ton, other days she wants nothing to do with food and just nurses. I kinda let her do what she wants with food.
  • She hates a cup and won't drink anything but mommy milk--no juice, nada.
  • She loves cheese, avocados, apple oatmeal, tomatoes, any fruit we give her . . . just about anything.
  • Loud is good--she loves to play with xyligator, bang the piano and shake morracas.
  • She will pull to stand and can stand unassisted for a few seconds. She cruises around while holding on pretty well. When you hold her hands she'll sometimes walk but most of the time she'll start jumping up and down.
  • She signs finished a lot. If she doesn't want you holding her or she's done whell sign it. It is cute--arms both just flapping away.
  • She'll sign more and finished and wave "hi"--a fist up in the air like a salute. She also says and waves bye bye.
  • She will copy you saying oooooo and ahhhhh and buh buh buh.
  • She is loved.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Today while we were out and about someone saw Lydia and commented:
"I hope her daddy has a shotgun and a shovel and knows how to use 'em both!"

She is a beautiful girl (of course we're a bit biased).

Catching up on pics . . .

The girls in matching dresses granny got them. Too precious!! Danger baby :) She will pull up and cruise on anything these days. She loves the dishwasher after I empty it because she can slide the drawer and there is always a bit of water in the door she can splash in.

Quite possibly my favorite picture I've ever taken of EJ and Beth. She loves her some brother!

Of course Lydia wanted her to sit with her too. Bethany didn't mind. Check out EJ's face--too funny!

Bethany is still a nip-a-holic but she loves to feed herself too. As you can see she really liked the tomato based soup I made for dinner last night. The other two kiddos went to bed hungry.