Sunday, October 31, 2010


Elijah wants to read so much
He tries to read words and guesses at them. He pretends to read books we've already read a million times. He reads to his sissy.

I've asked him a couple of times lately how to spell something.

Sherriff--we are electing a new sherriff and he is seeing these signs all over. He had to think a lot and he said:
"Shhhhhhh--"s" RRRRRR--"r" "iiiiiiiiifffffff"--"v"--its SRV mommy!"

He spelled phone: "fon"
He spelled love: "lv"
He spelled mommy: "mame"
He spelled Bethany: "BTNE"

He's getting the hang of the spelling stuff out. I am so excited for him to be able to read.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beachy Thoughts

Having fun down here. I am worn slam out though. I am trying to keep my cool and keep my patience. It is working about 90% of the time. I am being more strict than I would like but it is three on one and they know the odds are in their favor.

Lydia is cracking me up with "I got it under a-trol" (control) when I ask if she needs help. I know I use that expression, its just funny to hear her say it.

It is hard for me to realize sometimes how GROWN up my children are. Lydia has been forced to walk all week since I didn't bring the double stroller. The girl is TWO years old and she's obeying me, staying on the sidewalk, looking both ways and geneally impressing me with her listening. When did she get so grown up? There is a little boy, just two months younger than Lydia, and his mom is having to chase him back and forth and keep him from throwing stuff off the balcony and jumping down the stairs. Being a big sister has made her have to grow up so fast.

I am feeling a bit of mom guilt too this week. It is bedtime and I realize that I haven't done something like read with Bethany or snuggled with Lydia the whole day long. One on Three is tough and I don't feel like there is enough time in the day to do what I want to do. Having to split my time between them and not having anyone to help me is good for us though. Lydia has really cut down on the whining this week. Elijah is relishing his increased responsibilities. They are both loving the additional freedom of being here and being more on their own. They get to "wander" down the beach since it isn't crowded and I can keep an eye on them. IT is absolutely amazing to watch them play with one another for hours with NO toys. Just exploring the beach, chasing the birds, racing the waves and jumping off dunes. They don't fight. They aren't mean to one another. They laugh and hug and smile and run and have a good time. The more I leave them to it, the better.

I Love the beach. I love this mini-vacation. I am missing my hubby and can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riding the Elevator

Riding the "alligator" every day with Lydia is becoming quite amusing.

Beach Babies There On the Sand (and in the pool)

If the kids don't sleep well tonight then it is not for lack of trying. We were at the beach this morning for 2 hours then we went to the park for two hours. We went to DQ for lunch and played at their gigantic indoor playplace for over an hour. We then came home and took a short nap and headed out for the beach again. Two hours later we headed to the pool and showered off, ate our picnic and played there until almost 7pm. I am beyond exhausted. The kids still put up a fight at bedtime. They are wearing me out!!
The kids had a blast at the beach this afternoon. They were jumping off sand hils and scaring the crap out of birds--literally :) They were thrilled when one of the fishermen on the beach pulled in a big mackeral. It was pretty cool. We had to leave when Beth got sand in her eye. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures of her at the beach but it is a miracle that it took two hours for that to happen. That girl was a sand monster!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whiskers and Biscuits

There is a lovely hibiscus flowering plant near our condo this week. I told the children the name for it yesterday. Today they were discussing it as we were walking and I couldn't help but laugh:

"Lydia--that's a hi-biskers (rhymes with whiskers) plant."

"No! 'lige it is a hi biscuits FLOWER"

Elijah told me this morning that he wasn't running away from the waves that he was "scampering." I asked him where he'd learned about scampering and he told me from his Fox and the Hound book on tape. Thought it was cute.

Sunrise on the Ocean

The view this morning. The most adorable thing on the beach at 6am!

The little mister--looking for a pirate ship


Lydia loved stomping in the foam and getting "foam boots" on her tootsies

This morning--they children were really into the treasure hunt. They went in pj's of course--who has time to change clothes when treasure might be waiting?? Me and Bethy at 6:30--the sunrise was beyond beautiful.

Yesterday--beaching it. She made a mad dash for the waves!

I love this shot--he was racing the waves

Trying to get her "Elilah"

I can't think of many things I would rather be doing at 6am on a Monday than "hunting treasures" on the beach at sunrise with my three little angels. We found some rope and some wooden pieces ("probably from a pirate ship!") and a yellow baloon on a string ("probably from a mermaid princess birthday party"). Super-lijah sprung into action with the last item and ran and put it in the trash can so a sea turtle wouldn't think it was a jellyfish and get choked. Makes me proud that they have an imagination and also that they have such a memory for things they learn. I mean, they go to the aquarium often and its nice they are learning stuff. Yep, were having fun down here. The only thing a mama could wish for is a bit more sleep--EJ has a cold and Lydia is just being a stubborn two year old. Bethany is adjusting to a new environment. No one is sleeping well. I think I was probably up about 10 times with various children last night. I had high hopes of scrapbooking but when the last child finally fell asleep last night at 8:30 I went with them. I was exhausted!! 2 hours on the beach, 1 hour exploring the property and looking for cats and two hours in the pool where I was holding Bethany (and usually Lydia) the whole time. Yesterday Bethany was inducted into the fat lip club when she slipped on the concrete and busted her lip on her top tooth. She was a pretty good sport about it. Yes indeed--things are different when mama is solo at the beach but we're doing well. We survived unloading the car (even the car top carrier!), going to the grocery, a broken elevator and getting around with the older two having to walk the whole time since the double stroller wouldn't fit. This adventure is stretching me out of my comfort zone but I'm surprising myself by rising to the occasion. Today we explored the beach and made it back before the rain. We went to the aquarium and then to lunch. I was mighty proud of myself at lunchtime when nothing got knocked over, the waitress was smiling an actual smile when we left, not one of those "Thank God they are finally out of here" smiles you can get when your kids are awful, and we all left with full bellies and clean hands and smiles on our faces.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Falling . . . .

Our neighbor gave us a bag of leaves to play in . . . we had lots of fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Kickin'

The computer we had experienced Blue Screen of Death so we've been on a bit of a computer fast lately.
We now have a brand new desktop and it is set up and working!
Loving it!
Hope to get online and post some pics before the kids and I go to the beach but I make no promises. I've got 3 parties to close out with Arbonne and their system didn't seem to agree with our computer. I have high hopes that now it will be easy to enter the parties now that we've got this baby!
Been hanging out with a teething baby and two somewhat snotty older kids. The change in weather has their noses stuffed up. We made pumpkin bread, jumped in leaves and delivered pumpkin bread to our various neighbors and grandmama yesterday. Its been fun. I love Fall and being able to hang out outside and go to the park and not melt.
Finally finished all three costumes. That's good because I was NOT going to take my sewing machine to the beach to finish up the costumes. Our tutu princess, sock monkey and buzz lightyear costumes are all hanging--they all fit--and we're ready to go for Halloween!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Nothing makes me smile like hearing Bethany yell "E-li-la" when she sees her brother. I especially loves it because Elijah grins from ear to ear and runs up to her and tries to get her to laugh. It is beyond precious.

So far Bethany will say "mama" "da-deeeee" and "E-li-lah"--no Lydia, Granny, Grampy, Nana, Papa or Grandmama yet. I am sure she'll say them soon. She is babbling more and more daily.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funny Things They are Saying . .

Lydia: "Bubble bees"

Lydia at random times will just say "steak!" I think this is because we now have a sero tolerance policy on potty talk.

Elijah is convinced it is a "Movie Feeder" because you get popcorn and they feed you there. Nothing will convince him to say theater. Lydia has followed suit. The love to get out the Candyland board and play "Movie Feeder" and watch the movie.

The previews before the movie are the "commercials" and only DVD's have "special features" which he loves to watch.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up . . .

wow--there is a lot that goes into starting these parties. Between mailing the invites, practicing my presentation, figuring out how to do it all . . . I haven't had time to do much like blog. We've been hving fun around here. Bethany is finally starting to sleep a bit better since we started zipping her in a sleep sack and she can't stand up. Its nice not to have to sleep on the couch.

We got the winter stuff out of the attic and found one of EJ's old shirts I'd put in the box for Lydia. She loved it and I laughed because she actually answered to "Trouble" most of the day.
We went to the park to feed ducks again and had a lot of fun playing. We're working on the "hygene" principle here. Dirty feet are good. She also at some pine straw and Elijah said: "Her's eating pine straw. That's good fiber right mommy?" Can you tell I am slack about the eating dirt around here?
The kids were very impressed that mommy could climb the "spider web" as they called it.

Lyddie has incredible balance--I think she is a better climber than her brother is.

There are some georgous oak trees around the park. I couldn't resist taking some "9 month" shots of Bethany even if I didn't like the outfit very much.

Snuggling in the chair. Naps aren't happening on preschool days but they still need to rest. I let them watch a program and rest togther in the lazy boy. Cute stuff.

And because I am a super dork I made them shirts--they say "I'm Mommy's Cardio" Its so true :)

All three!

I dressed the girls in their plaid dresses. Everyone commented on how adorable they were. I have to say I think they were beyond cute but I am a bit biased. They reminded me of little Victorian dolls because the dresses were so full and long. Absolutely precious.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Frozen Peas . . .

Today at lunch the kids were having a picnic in the den watching "a little cro-gram" as Lydia puts it. Lydia has the attention span of a gnat so it usually lasts all of 4 or 5 minutes . . . long enough to check FB :) Anyway, she comes up to me at the computer and says:
"Mommy--my a-gina is cold" (a-gina is vagina in Lydia speak)
I took her to the bathroom, because were such a private family (ahem--ahem) and she's got a handful of frozen peas in her panties. I asked her how they got there and she told me Elijah put them there. Elijah comes running in at that moment and tries to stuff a handful of frozen peas down my pants. I ask him what he's doing and he says "Panties Peas!! These are Panties Peas!!" I swear that boy is crazy!

This after he decided to decalre himself "allergic" to clothing yesterday and run around naked in front of the giant bat that we hung in the yard--the FRONT yard.

My neighbors probably think I am nuts!

Monday, October 04, 2010


We decorated for Halloween today and Elijah was very excited to put up the Giant bat in the front yard. It uses trash bags and balloons and lots of twisty ties. I was reading how to do it and Elijah asked for the "constructions" so he could build it. (He was so excited that he declared himself allergic to clothes, ran outside naked and danced around underneath the bat).

We hung little glow in the dark skeletons on the bushes and hung our GIGANTIC spider on the porch. Very spooky. We've got some window clings to put up this afternoon. It is so fun decorating now as I look back and remember how much fun we had growing up. I remember our halloween tree and the pinatas that hung in the doorways that me and my dad always hit out heads on.

We let the kids put our lighted jack-o-lanterns in their rooms for thier nightlights. They love it! It is so special. I still remember the glow of my little personal Christmas tree in my room growing up. I also had a Santa in a chimney. We had a bat night light in our bathroom always. It is so fun remembering all the stuff my mom and dad used to do. Its funny because the things I remember most aren't the big presents at Christmas but the little rituals we did every year. I hope my kids have good memeories like I do.

9 Months Old

Bethany is now 9 months old. She is a wonderful mess.
  • Bethany--you are still nursing about 6 times a day. You were nursing twice a night until a week ago. You started getting up EVERY 30 minutes. After four nights in a row of this I decided that you were going to kick this eating in the night habit and I let you work it out by yourself in our bedroom while I slept on the couch. Just so you know I hated every second of it but I didn't know what else to do. Mommy needs to sleep precious girl!
  • You take two naps--one at 9:30 and one at 1:30. Sometimes they are 45 minutes, sometimes they are 2 hours. You keep us guessing!
  • You get up around 5:30 or 6am but we make you wait until 6:30 just like your brother and sissy. You go to bed around 6:30 at night most nights.
  • You have 3.5 teeth--two bottom ones and one on the top. The other top one is about 1/2 way through.
  • You love to walk with your little walking stroller and will stand by yourself for a few seconds. You have taken some steps but normally crawl or lunge to get to where you want to go.
  • You love to eat! Yogurt, frozen peas . . just about anything I put in front of you. You prefer to feed yourself.
  • You can suck through a straw now!
  • You can drink from just about any sippy cup now.
  • You do NOT like orange juice.
  • You like icy water-a LOT!
  • You like coffee and caffeinated breast milk :)
  • You really like garlic and garlic flavored breast milk.
  • You love the bath but want to stand up. Your favorite part is when we fill the tub and you can play with the running water.
  • You will not snuggle to sleep in the bed anymore. You like your crib. You always turn over on your left side (facing the wall) holding your lovey and sucking a paci to go to sleep.
  • You like anything Elijah is doing and constantly try to play with him. You love it when he pays attention to you and espeically when he pushes you in the swing. You just giggle and giggle.
  • You think it is absolutely wonderful if I lay on the ground and you can crawl on my head and hair.
  • You pull hair with gusto! You leave my earrings and daddy's glasses alone for the most part.
  • Your understand a lot and are talking more each day.
  • You love it when I smack my lips and you copy me every time.
  • Peek-a-boo is your favorite game to play with me. You like it when you are in a room and I peek around the corner or when I pop you up from behind the couch or something to see your brother and sissy.
  • We love you!
  • You are precious!

Friday, October 01, 2010

knock knock and steak

Lydia just told me:
"Oh mommy, for goodness steak" That girl cracks me up!

Elijah is into knock-knock jokes. Unfortunately he only knows two--one I taught him and one he heard on boomerang at grampy's. He actually has the hang of:
knock knock--who's there?--boo--boo-who--don't cry its just a joke

He is still working on:
knock knock--who's there?--I eat mop--I eat mop who?--EWWWW gross
I would prefer he NOT do that one but all yesterday it was
knock-knock--who's there?--broom!--broom who--EWW gross and hilarious laughter