Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Bethy-poo!

I can't believe my "baby" is now one!

She is walking, talking, singing, laughing and wonderful! She is a great kid all around and one of the best unexpected blessings we've ever recieved.

  • She loves her loveys and her pacis.

  • She sleeps in a room with her sissy.

  • She is well aware of when she's tired and willingly lays down for naps and bed.

  • She still nurses--no telling when we'll give that up.

  • She is walking.

  • She loves music.

  • She loves animals--especially "kiddies"

  • She usually loves bathtime and laughs when Elijah pours water over her head but freaks when I do it to wash her hair.

  • She loves bananas. They are probably her favorite food.

  • She loves food--she is our little chow hound. Beets, olives, anything we're eating, beans, broccoli and pizza are some of her favorites. She also loves tomatoes. Both girls do and EJ can't stand them . . .weird.

  • She gives open mouthed kisses and hugs and says "mm-mmm"

  • She can be nursing in the bed first thing and hear a door open--she'll pop off and "Elijie??" a second later when Lydia's door opens she'll day "didia?"--she knows what each door sounds like-it just cracks me up.

  • She's got 11 teeth

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