Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Party Beth!

I didn't take a single picture so it will be up to the guests to supply them to me.

Today we had Bethy's bday party. I am sick with a horrible sinus infection. So sick that I braved the neti pot for the first time because I was desperate for some relief from this fever/chill inducing, head throbbing, teeth aching sinus infection. I was most difinately not the life of the party or the hostess with the mostest. I felt horribly crappy for acting so BLAH because my Mother, who had MAJOR dental surgery yesterday, skipped her pain medication, put on makeup and was smiling and acting normal (except for she's on a liquid diet and can't open her mouth). And Justin sometimes wonders why I am so stubborn when I am sick and don't let him wait on me. Look what I have as a role model!

Anyway . . . I digress . . .
We woke up, decorated the dining room, got the chips and punch made, ordered the pissas at 8am (thank goodness for order ahead feature--itis now our birthday party go to). My dad ran by with a prescription for my sinus infection only he got my amoxicillin and my mom's pain killer vicodin mixed up. Thankfully Justin read the bottle before I popped one of the pills. That would have made for a VERY interesting birthday party.

Lydia and I ran out during Bethy's nap to get ice and balloons. We had fun just her and me. I love being able to do one on one stuff. While we were gone Justin cleaned the bathroom, straightened the playroomwith EJ's help and started in on the vacuuming. I have to day he did a great job.

The guests showed up the older two "helped" Bethany open her gifts. We dove into the birthday cake (which was supposed to be a cat but looked more like a bear wearing a cat suit) and ate pizza. The cake was tasty. Bethany loved it--yesterday it was in the fridge chilling so the two halves would stick together before I iced it. Bethany kept asking me to open the fridge so she could see it (not in so many words it was more "Kiddie CEK!" then grunting and pointing at the fridge.) I'd open the fridge and she'd shout "CEK!" and wave at it then laugh. It was wonderful.

Then the party guests left, we put Bethy down for her nap and let EJ watch some spiderman cartoons and I snuggled Lydia in the chair and watched Princess movies with her. I was hoping she'd sack out but she didn't. While we were snugging Justin cleaned the whole kitchen up. Very nice! And the kids were down at 6:30 since they didn't have naps so that was nice too.

It flurried snow off and on all day but nothing stuck. Justin and Bethy took a walk so I could do school with the older two. Elijah is absoultely loving school at home. We're on lesson 16 of 100 and he is still asking to do it every single day. It is great! He knows the sounds : m, t, d, r, s, short a, long e, short i and is reading all sorts of words. He is so excited to be able to pick words out of his books that he knows. He can also write words using those sounds. I asked him to write "mist sat sit rat" today and he did it! It was great and he was just beaming. Lydia knows m and s and loves to have Elijah teach her "school."

That's about it for the party. Beth got bristle blocks, some stuffed animals, some music stuff and some of those books with the buttons that play music and a stacking toy and a lunchbox with her name on it. I think that's just about it but I may be forgetting something. Sorry if I forgot your gift.

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