Monday, January 24, 2011

What We've Been Up To . . .

Bethy went to the dentist for the first time. She didn't bite. She didn't cry. All in all an excellent job! Last Saturday my mom called from thebeach because Elijah was blue, having trouble breathing and in distress. She took him in and he had pnumonia. After a shot in the "bohonkus" a chest xray to confirm, steroids, antibiotics and some breathing treatments the little mister is back to normal. I am so incredibly happy those breathing treatments are over!! They made him wired and the steroids made him MEAN. I ended up with a bloody nose and clump of hair missing one day when he threw a tantrum.
And my mom turned 60 years old and we had a surprise pirate party. She showed up to the house expecitng to get a present from the kids and a night out with just me (dinner at olive garden and shopping) and we were all there in pirate garb. She totally didn't expect anything!! In fact grampy had really played it up by acting upset that i was the only one who got to do anything special with her on her birthday. Loved it!


Pirate baby

Pirate Elijah

Pirate Lydia who spent the whole day shouting "arrrrrrgh" and "Sugar me timbers!"

Mommy and Bethy

The cake--treasure chest. I love not doing the tombstone theme for the 60th birthday! We did hamburger in paradise for my dad.

And that's what we've been up to. The blog is low on the list of priorities now. I am working part time at playdate, working my Arbonne business (I made District Manager level now!!) and keeping the children. Elijah is learning to read so we do "school" every day now. He is reading more and more words and its just amazing. It has really "clicked" for him. We're busy to say the least. Its just amazing how keeping the house tidy, the laundry washed (thanks in big part to Justin who picks up the laundry slack), the pantry filled and dinner can take so much time. Loving it though!

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