Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Serpentine Dessert

Tonight, after snarfing down his first slice of pie Elijah was begging for another "slither" (sliver) of pie. Boy do I hope that we get this hearing loss under control!

Earlier today we went to the grocery store. There was a young girl about age 3 or 4 having a tantrum in the cart. Both kids were asking why she was tantruming and I said that it was probably naptime or she was just grouchy or maybe her mommy hadn't let her get something she wanted. The mom turned to me and glared and said "Actually, she's autistic" and Elijah immediately pipes up with "I like to draw too!" The mom glared at me and storemd off.

autistic, artistic . . . to a 4 year old with a hearing loss and with no experience with autism it makes sense.

It was hard for me not to laugh and I know I was bit embarassed. I didn't know what to say. I have been in the middle ofmore than one supermarket meltdown and didn't think I was coming across as passing judgement. I just have to assume the mom was having a bad day and was frustrated with her screaming child.


We've enjoyed this past week of lovely warm weather. We've wallowed in the grass, bug hunted, played at the park . . .now we're back to a normal Feb. Cold, windy and yucky. Makes you appreciate these nice days all the more.

Bethany playing with her "bawl"--the girl loves them! Our first kid to actually like balls.

We hung up laundry and Bethany thought the towel tunnel was neat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy

What a taste of Spring we are having. Loving it!! The kids are too. We played in the backyard this morning (Lydia was taking an early nap--she was a grouch!)
Bethy loves the slide and swing. You can ask "Do you want to slide?" and she'll nod her head yes. Its so cute! My little acrobat. He is so proud he can touch his toes to the bar.

This morning we went to Staples and picked out some posterboard for our posters. EJ wanted to put his sounds up so we could review. Lydia of course wanted to do that too. She chose day-glo pink (big surprise!) and Snowman paper for the letters. It says "LYDIA'S SOUNDS" in all caps because she is still working on caps and not lowercase letters. She has two sounds she has mastered "mmmmmm" and "sssssss" Here is her "ta-da" and showing them off.

There are some sight words we're doing--mostly they don't follow the phoenetic rules. Elijah's sounds are on the right. I was shocked at how many sounds we've already learned since starting his reading book in January. Its amazing and he knows them all--he is so smart!
Showing off the glue work. He did it all himself. I helped him place the letters up at the top to get them straight but the work is his.

So that's what weve done and its not even 2pm. Whew! Mama is tired!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lydia's Bday

Wow! In just a month my little girl will be turning 3 years old!! She has mentioned some things that she wants and I've put those up on the blog on the left side. She is flush with toys and I really can't think of any toy she has mentioned she wants other than some new "doctor stuff" like a blood pressure cuff and shot (ours broke).

The girl is obsessed with crafting--she is loving glitter glue, googly eyes, sequins and more. Anything craft will be well recieved. I think that the crafting kits (like the jewlery box and stuff) are probably too advanced for her--she is just liking the options of having a pile of stuff to craft with and glue down.

The other thing I know that she would love is some princess books with WORDS. I've seen some Fancy Nancy books I think she will like too--they are like the "early readers" or "step into reading." The princess books she has now are baby board books and the Little Golden Book Disney Princess books (which are a bit too long). She would love to have some that are the happy medium. Anything Princess or fairy related (not necessarily disney) would be great reading for her.

General Cuteness

Taking a walk at grampy's house Mmmmm... a piece of daddy's dark chocolate--YUM!

Lovin' it!

Oh no! No more Chocolate!

Bath in the sink--too sticky to even attempt going upstairs!

Stuff the Subaru

The stuff the Subaru was a huge success. We ended up getting written up the paper twice (once issuing the challenge and once showing the results). We ended up stuffing the car and the cartop carrier. It was so awesome!

Coo-coo-ca-choo--I am a Walrus

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Those Crazy Girls

This afternoon I went to go and nurse the baby . . she saw me start to unhook my bra and yelled
"Ninnies! Yay!"

She is also saying "Uh-oh etios" (spaghettios)

"ah-munt-candy-pwese"" (I want Candy please)

"Thanks!" if you give her something she likes

But Lydia wins the prize for the cutest thing said today.
We were getting ready for bed and I was brushing her teeth. Justin had one of my fuzzy slippers and was ticking her. She dropped her toothbrush and yelled at him "Onion ring!!!" I thought it was like when EJ was frustrated and he used to yell "Steak!" because she's been yelling it for a few days. He ticked her again and she again yelled "No!! Onion Ring!! You're onion-ringing me" Justin then thought for a second and said--"Lydia am I ANNOYING you?" She replied: "Yes! You're un-ringing me. Stop it!"

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lydia . . .

Lydia is something else these days. I think this has to be my absolute favorite age. She is talking so much and it just cracks me up. Her "tantrums" are also much easier to deal with since she just pouts, collapses to floor and sits on her knees with her face to the floor for about 2 minutes. Way better than the rages Elijah was having!

Anyway--tonight she wanted beets for dinner and we gave her some, then some more. We had to say "Lydia--no more beets until you eat some yogurt and applesauce." Seriously?? Who witholds beets as a punishment?

After we got everyone in bed tonight at about 8pm we were sitting on the couch and Lydia just appeared. She is so tiny and light we didn't hear her coming. Both of us jumped out of our skin. Now, instead of marching her right back to bed, we snuggled her down between us to watch Wipeout. That girl is her mommy's daughter--she loved watching those people fall in the water. About 5 minutes later she said she was hungry. This is probably her most used word these days--can you say growth spurt? Anyway, she said: "I need something to feel my tummy better. It is hurting so bad. I need a cookie." Since we had 3lbs of sugar cookie dough just sitting in the fridge waiting to go I went ahead and baked a pan of cookies for all of us and added sprinkles to the little misses cookie.

While I was go Lydia informed her daddy:

"I have a head boo-boo. My headache is so bad. I have cookies in my brain and they making my head hurt."

Bit of the hair of the dog took care of the headache--cookie in the stomach cured the cookie in the head problem. She then proceeded to eat a string cheese and drink some juice before heading to bed at 9pm.

Hopeing she doesn't make this a regular habit but it was nice snuggling her--watching people on the "merry go round and people gun" on wipeout and laughing with her.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


We were taking a walk and Lydia's leg warmer started to come off.
"Mom! Stop! My legging is fall off-ing!"

This morning:
"Mommy--my tummy hurts. It just hurts so bad."
me: Why does your tummy hurt?
"It needs its own cup of coffee. Please I have mine own cup of coffee? That a make it feel so much better!"

This afternoon:
"Mom--I getting frustrated."
me: why?
"You not letting me eat candy like I want to."

While in the bathroom:
"I need my piracy. No 'lije I need my PRI-A-CY . . .mommy come wipe me."

and one from Elijah just because:
"Mom. I can't eat the bacon-steak. I'm a vegetabletarian and a fruitarian and I don't eat meat!"
bacon-steak=pork chop--so much for my efforts at making a non-vegetarian meal!

and one from Bethany too:
"uh-oh ah-ee-oo" (uh-oh spaghetti-os) when she dropped her lovey down the stairs.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I am CHALLENGING all my blog readers and my friends to drop one appetizer from your Superbowl menu and instead that $5 stocking your local food pantry. If you are local bring it by my house . . .we're going to try and STUFF my Subaru!! For every food item you will be entered to win a fabulour $36 SRP Makeup primer from Arbonne. If you aren't local, tell me how many cans you donated (Scout's honor!) and I'll enter you and ship the primer to you if you win.

Let's stock our pantry with Spaghetti sauces, canned fruits and veggies, tuna, crackers, cereal, bisquick mixes, powdered milk and more!! Don't dig around for crap in your pantry . . .go out and BUY stuff for these families. So many Wilson residents are forced to choose between food, medication and heat--especially with these outrageous utilities we have. Can you help??