Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy

What a taste of Spring we are having. Loving it!! The kids are too. We played in the backyard this morning (Lydia was taking an early nap--she was a grouch!)
Bethy loves the slide and swing. You can ask "Do you want to slide?" and she'll nod her head yes. Its so cute! My little acrobat. He is so proud he can touch his toes to the bar.

This morning we went to Staples and picked out some posterboard for our posters. EJ wanted to put his sounds up so we could review. Lydia of course wanted to do that too. She chose day-glo pink (big surprise!) and Snowman paper for the letters. It says "LYDIA'S SOUNDS" in all caps because she is still working on caps and not lowercase letters. She has two sounds she has mastered "mmmmmm" and "sssssss" Here is her "ta-da" and showing them off.

There are some sight words we're doing--mostly they don't follow the phoenetic rules. Elijah's sounds are on the right. I was shocked at how many sounds we've already learned since starting his reading book in January. Its amazing and he knows them all--he is so smart!
Showing off the glue work. He did it all himself. I helped him place the letters up at the top to get them straight but the work is his.

So that's what weve done and its not even 2pm. Whew! Mama is tired!

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