Thursday, February 03, 2011


We were taking a walk and Lydia's leg warmer started to come off.
"Mom! Stop! My legging is fall off-ing!"

This morning:
"Mommy--my tummy hurts. It just hurts so bad."
me: Why does your tummy hurt?
"It needs its own cup of coffee. Please I have mine own cup of coffee? That a make it feel so much better!"

This afternoon:
"Mom--I getting frustrated."
me: why?
"You not letting me eat candy like I want to."

While in the bathroom:
"I need my piracy. No 'lije I need my PRI-A-CY . . .mommy come wipe me."

and one from Elijah just because:
"Mom. I can't eat the bacon-steak. I'm a vegetabletarian and a fruitarian and I don't eat meat!"
bacon-steak=pork chop--so much for my efforts at making a non-vegetarian meal!

and one from Bethany too:
"uh-oh ah-ee-oo" (uh-oh spaghetti-os) when she dropped her lovey down the stairs.

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