Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lydia . . .

Lydia is something else these days. I think this has to be my absolute favorite age. She is talking so much and it just cracks me up. Her "tantrums" are also much easier to deal with since she just pouts, collapses to floor and sits on her knees with her face to the floor for about 2 minutes. Way better than the rages Elijah was having!

Anyway--tonight she wanted beets for dinner and we gave her some, then some more. We had to say "Lydia--no more beets until you eat some yogurt and applesauce." Seriously?? Who witholds beets as a punishment?

After we got everyone in bed tonight at about 8pm we were sitting on the couch and Lydia just appeared. She is so tiny and light we didn't hear her coming. Both of us jumped out of our skin. Now, instead of marching her right back to bed, we snuggled her down between us to watch Wipeout. That girl is her mommy's daughter--she loved watching those people fall in the water. About 5 minutes later she said she was hungry. This is probably her most used word these days--can you say growth spurt? Anyway, she said: "I need something to feel my tummy better. It is hurting so bad. I need a cookie." Since we had 3lbs of sugar cookie dough just sitting in the fridge waiting to go I went ahead and baked a pan of cookies for all of us and added sprinkles to the little misses cookie.

While I was go Lydia informed her daddy:

"I have a head boo-boo. My headache is so bad. I have cookies in my brain and they making my head hurt."

Bit of the hair of the dog took care of the headache--cookie in the stomach cured the cookie in the head problem. She then proceeded to eat a string cheese and drink some juice before heading to bed at 9pm.

Hopeing she doesn't make this a regular habit but it was nice snuggling her--watching people on the "merry go round and people gun" on wipeout and laughing with her.

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