Friday, February 11, 2011

Lydia's Bday

Wow! In just a month my little girl will be turning 3 years old!! She has mentioned some things that she wants and I've put those up on the blog on the left side. She is flush with toys and I really can't think of any toy she has mentioned she wants other than some new "doctor stuff" like a blood pressure cuff and shot (ours broke).

The girl is obsessed with crafting--she is loving glitter glue, googly eyes, sequins and more. Anything craft will be well recieved. I think that the crafting kits (like the jewlery box and stuff) are probably too advanced for her--she is just liking the options of having a pile of stuff to craft with and glue down.

The other thing I know that she would love is some princess books with WORDS. I've seen some Fancy Nancy books I think she will like too--they are like the "early readers" or "step into reading." The princess books she has now are baby board books and the Little Golden Book Disney Princess books (which are a bit too long). She would love to have some that are the happy medium. Anything Princess or fairy related (not necessarily disney) would be great reading for her.

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