Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Serpentine Dessert

Tonight, after snarfing down his first slice of pie Elijah was begging for another "slither" (sliver) of pie. Boy do I hope that we get this hearing loss under control!

Earlier today we went to the grocery store. There was a young girl about age 3 or 4 having a tantrum in the cart. Both kids were asking why she was tantruming and I said that it was probably naptime or she was just grouchy or maybe her mommy hadn't let her get something she wanted. The mom turned to me and glared and said "Actually, she's autistic" and Elijah immediately pipes up with "I like to draw too!" The mom glared at me and storemd off.

autistic, artistic . . . to a 4 year old with a hearing loss and with no experience with autism it makes sense.

It was hard for me not to laugh and I know I was bit embarassed. I didn't know what to say. I have been in the middle ofmore than one supermarket meltdown and didn't think I was coming across as passing judgement. I just have to assume the mom was having a bad day and was frustrated with her screaming child.

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bethany said...

Just remember that autism is very overwhelming at times and parents (definitely me) often feel extremely helpless in dealing with the meltdowns that accompany public places/unfamiliar situations, etc. I'm sure this mom has dealt with her UNfair share of rude remarks... People can be very cruel.

I think Eli's reaction was funny :) Definitely to any four year old autism is a difficult thing to understand. Jakson doesn't even know what it is :)