Thursday, February 10, 2011

Those Crazy Girls

This afternoon I went to go and nurse the baby . . she saw me start to unhook my bra and yelled
"Ninnies! Yay!"

She is also saying "Uh-oh etios" (spaghettios)

"ah-munt-candy-pwese"" (I want Candy please)

"Thanks!" if you give her something she likes

But Lydia wins the prize for the cutest thing said today.
We were getting ready for bed and I was brushing her teeth. Justin had one of my fuzzy slippers and was ticking her. She dropped her toothbrush and yelled at him "Onion ring!!!" I thought it was like when EJ was frustrated and he used to yell "Steak!" because she's been yelling it for a few days. He ticked her again and she again yelled "No!! Onion Ring!! You're onion-ringing me" Justin then thought for a second and said--"Lydia am I ANNOYING you?" She replied: "Yes! You're un-ringing me. Stop it!"

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