Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Cutest Grils I know. . .

My cute little girls. From thier sassy attitudes to their cute curls I love 'em. Lydia--after a particularly horrible night--was feeling rather cooperative and let me braid her hair. Super cute! She dressed herself today and called herslef "polka-dot princess" becuase even her socks were polka dotted and because we had no polkd-dot panties she wore princess ones.
This little cutey is talking more each day. Her newest one is exploding bunnies--What does a bunny say? "Pop-pop-pop!"
They were going on a vacation trip and that was her vacation hat. Elijah was grinding sidewalk chalk to make pixie dust to help them fly. This was AFTER he uncovered a nest of what we think were black widow spider babies and had over 100 of them crawling on him. He did not get bitten though!
And our newest little monkey. Quite proud of herself for being able to climb now.

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