Monday, March 07, 2011

Today . . .

Bethany has roared like a Lion, counted "one . . . two . . .three", said "Hi plumber!" to the plumber, winked on command, blown kisses on command, called me "mama", called "Lydia", called for "ji-jah", said "paci", "lovey", "Tiger" (it was a lion but still), "puppy benty" (puppy Bentley our neighbors dog), signed eat, fisnished, more, swing, open, said "uppy duppy I done!" when she wanted up from the high chair, played peek-a-boo, obeyed my command to "go and get a cup and lid and bring it to me" and brought me a matching cup and lid, obeyed me when I told her to "pick up your baby doll and put her in the cradle" and gone upstairs when I said "go upstairs--you need a fresh diaper", told me to "Blow Beth down. I turn now" when we were flopping on the bed, and so much more.

My 14 month old is amazing. I love watching her blossom, understand, communicate and be her own person!

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