Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It is a mystery to me . . .how can kids who balk at getting into a lukewarm bath not even flinch at the thought of FREEZING cold hose water?
We were filling up the pool to let it sit in the sun so we could play in the WARM water this afternoon and of course the kids' couldn't wait. They got their clothing soaked and then wanted their warm bellies. Swimming turned into experimenting and they crafted concoctions of leaves, sand and dirt at the picnic table. 3 hours later I pulled their pruney, blue bodies out of the backyard, scraped off the bulk of the mess with towels and fed them lunch. You'd think after that, getting up at 5am and getting snuggled down good would have led to productive naps but alas they were but an hour. Another one of lifes mysteries, how on earth my children can keep going and going and going without caffiene!! Anyway, here's some pics from the morning of fun.

Early morning craft time . . .all the masks were made before daddy even left for work. Us Denton's know how to have fun at 6am!

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